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Thursday Is Game Day

6/7/2012 12:35 PM

 Today on The Show With No Name was Game Day! To show his prowess in music knowledge, David Bazzel puts his reputation on the line with Beat the Baz. David has become a machine in this game. He takes on all comers. Young, old, male, and female it does not matter. He does not take comfort in the destruction of others during this bit of entertainment but, he does take pride in his current streak of being undefeated in the last year.

The Stupid Question of the Day can be a game of chance or skill. Your more educated player will place himself in the question. By doing so he or she can give the correct answer before Tommy 'The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw' Smith starts looking at me like he just caught me in the act of dropping off a dozen moles in his yard. Which, by the way, I have not done. Nor do I know the person who

The ABC's of Rock & Roll continued today with the letter T. Tina Turner, James Taylor, and The Thompson Twins were all mentioned. The Baz chose the Temptations as his secret T. I had Three Dog Night. I don't remember the T's that Tommy and RJ picked. I bet dollars ta doughnuts that they don't either.

The NBA was a sports topic that we started off the program with this morning. I tell ya that because, A, we are a sports station and 2, our first caller of the day asked why come we didn't mention the Thunder winning 4 in a row over San Antonio to advance to the final round. Why Come!

Doug with the Electric Co-Op of Arkansas was in to tell us about the Energy Efficiency Home Makeover that is up for grabs. You can apply on line at There is also some energy tips for you too.

That about does it really. We had fun and hope you did too. Hope you also learned something from us. With over 100 years of combined experience there should be a nugget or tidbit that you can use in your everyday life. Or possibly make some money off of your buddies.

I'm headed to a Square Dance now. Yea that's right! A Square Dance. Tomorrow we are LIVE and on location in Saline County. Middleton Heat and Air specifically. Come by and get some free stuff if'n ya don't already have some.

Talk atcha Friday.

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