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Finally Friday

6/8/2012 2:06 PM

The Show With No Name was in Bryant, Arkansas this morning.  A LIVE broadcast at Middleton Heat & Air Headquarters on Interstate 30. Middleton is on the East bound side of I-30 between Exit 126 and 123. Coincidentally, Exit 123 is the one you need to take if you are going to be touring the homes of the Stars in Saline County. I have been added to the new map that is arriving in your mailboxes as we speak/blog. A beautiful picture and article. Open House is each Saturday, between 1:00 and 1:15, thru August. Kids 2 and under get in free. Bring the coupon on the opposite side the map legend and I will take a photo with you. Anyway, we are always welcome at Middleton by Mr. Chuck 'I'll take care of that' Middleton, son Mark, and the staff. Well, most of the staff. There are a couple I'm sure that wish it was Gary Weir instead of us.

We had quite a few valuable audio clips that would have been nice for you to hear from today's program.  John Daly's brother Jamie callin' us from Memphis on the golf course where John was playing and Jamie having to whisper as not to disrupt play.  Shane Broadway hanging with us and telling you the best way to secure scholarship money for your college bound kid.  The Latest on the Belmont Stakes where we had the breaking news, the BREAKING FREAKIN' NEWS from New York, compliments of Andrew Meadors, that I'll Have Another was scratched and actually now retired. No Triple crown Winner again.  Reggie Swinton telling us about his time in the NFL and now being sent to doctors around the country to diagnose what may be his head injuries suffered during his playing days.  The extensive breakdown of last nights NBA game in Boston against the Heat Where LeBron practically, single handedly, beat the Celtics. Breezy Osborne-Wingfield telling intimate stories about her loving and fun loving father Jennings. Her thoughts on the liquidation of all of his personal items being auctioned off to satisfy a debt.  Tommy Smith talking about receiving texts from Justin Acri  and being told to keep quiet about something that needed to be kept quiet.  The recap of what local news told us we needed to be aware of and beware of before you go swimming in public pools. Better yet, don't think about getting in public pools unless you just have a hankering to spend some quality time on the commode! All of this, plus some that I didn't tell you about, would have been really nice and quality audio for you to hear but, unfortunately, Mr. Hawk thought it more important to come to The Butcher Shop, eat a free steak burger that I sweat-ed over preparing for him, do horrible impression of me speaking, and get out on the golf course with Mr. Acri (which I was not invited to) and talk about and make fun of me!!  All that I was given was some lame butt clip of The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw discussing the obvious prowess of David Bazzel and myself on the hardwood Square Dancing yesterday and I REFUSE TO GIVE YA THAT ONE!! SO THERE!!

Wheeeew! I feel better. Do you? Won't you be my neighbor?

Have a great weekend and we will talk Monday.

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