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OMG Monday!

6/11/2012 11:08 AM

The Show With No Name was in full swing this morning. I have a few things to remind ya of that was said and done.

The Rock & Roll letter U was used and abused today. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith pulled out the U-2 and UB-40 hits. That pretty much did it until he found those classics hidden in the system by Unknown.

Tiger Bait called in to take his LSU Tiger losing to Stony Brook Seawolf lumps! That was nice but, not top of the morning.

The beginning of what may be a beautiful bit, The Spelling Bee. Sure that was educational. And, if there is one thing we of The Show With No Name is, is educational. Just ask around. Not even close to being the big story.

Normally, Trey Schaap calling in about anything, whether with Hog updates or the sleeping habits of his family pet Murphy, would make me think the show hit it's plateau. Not this time. PLEASE!!

 The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw..........IS BACK!!! At least he stopped by for a minute or two today to make us aware he is still kicking.

Tomorrow David Bazzel is taking the day off from the show but not work. He has a full day of Broyles Award bidness ta tend to.

Nuff said. Talk atcha Tuesday.

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Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (6/11/2012 1:55 PM)

Tommy is still one ugly son of a bitch. Will say he is right about the Gulf. Took the family to Orange Beach last week and loved it. Didn't see God though. Makes me wonder why the fuck am I living in Arkansas with you people when I can be paying the same mortgage payment in Hawaii. Fat Frank would still be payin my taxes!

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (6/11/2012 2:12 PM)

Just love how the public and the management of the Buzz had the attitude of Tommy the legend having trouble dealing with the hard life of a radio host. Tough job. He should have been fired. I guess rednecks got to have that mornin jolt of (GOD IS REAL, PEOPLE WHO WANT PUBLIC HEALTHCARE ARE COMMIES, VETERANS DON'T DESERVE ANY RESPECT OR FUNDING, AND FINALLY DEER HUNTIN BO! LUV THAT THERE HUNTIN! LUV MY GUNS BO!

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (6/11/2012 2:18 PM)

Just wondering if 007(aka Bazz) has had a chance to kill the bad guy since he has been packin heat in public? Is it better than Jimmy's EXTENZE? Guns sure do make a man.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (6/11/2012 2:30 PM)

I just wonder if the pretty boy linebacker would have freeze up and shoot the wrong person if he had to face someone like in the Auburn shooting or many others. I just worry about all the people who bitch about the 2nd Ammendment would actually have the nuts or guts to "fix the problem." Bazz has a big mouth about guns but probably knows nothing about combat.

Disabled Veteran to the Buzz (6/11/2012 2:31 PM)


bobalicious (6/12/2012 11:19 AM)

i went to orange beach once....i got scared and went home, Oklahoma is where my heart is. I think people are watching me. im not paranoid, but people are watching me. Arkansas has eight letters in it, I think ill take a pain pill and go back to bed....peace

tree trimmer guy (6/12/2012 11:52 AM)

I go to gulf shores every year for the last ten years or so, i love it, all we do is get f**cked up and swim all day, then grill food. I imagine it would be tough to go down there and not participate, i feel for ya tommy, if i couldnt do that, i probably wouldnt go.

chris (6/12/2012 12:29 PM)

Im not sure why every one gets upset about tiger bait, thats what he wants, hes a typical loud mouth lsu fan, they are all talk. just let him speak his mind and try to enjoy it, i think its funny when a grown man makes himself look like a complete fool in the name of entertainment. thats what radio is for.

Tooratrisa (4/7/2014 2:24 AM)

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