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Way Out Wednesday!

6/13/2012 5:30 PM

The Show With No Name had a plethora or wealth of information this morning for ya. Not the least of which involved personal and bizarre info coming from Tommy and RJ, respectively. What RJ Hawk was doing in his parents East Texas shower as a pre-teen is shocking yet understandable if you know our Robert James Hawk. Tommy was pretty much mundane comparably speaking. 

 One thing we can always count on when Wednesday rolls around is Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson. We can also count on him bringing family friendly information. 'Wild Man' did not disappoint today. He brought a guest and they discussed the many different items that are available for the outdoor loving dad on your Father's Day list this weekend.

 Matt 'Cougar Bait' Couch visited us as per usual this Hump Day. I don't know if ya know this but, Matt is gonna be leaving for Norway in a couple of months to start filming Bucky Larson...Born To Be A Star II.  'Cougar Bait' Couch got us up to date on where we need to be the rest of the week. One such place that is a must is Dickey-Stephens Field for the Diamond Dig. After he shook off the creepy creeps he was feeling, we played a few rounds of Match Game.

We had a wonderful feast of Lasagna for breakfast, compliments of James Belew. That Saline County boy can cook. He wanted to come up and talk about the BIG BIG 4th of July Family Fest that he founded and organizes. James is always welcome but, I told him we didn't have an opening unless he brought us some grub. WHAT?  It's a win win!

 I know, I know for the most part we can talk about some old school people, places, and things at times. But come on man! We had the opportunity to speak with one of the old school celebrities today and had to take advantage. Larry 'JR Ewing' Hagman is reprising his roll as the head of Southfork Ranch with the return of Dallas tonight on TNT. We were even described as the male version of The View. I actually added the male part of that statement. Yes I was excited about talking to him.

 As I stated earlier, 'Cougar Bait' Couch laid out the remaining events on this weeks schedule and one of them included our Friday morning appearance in Dardanelle, Arkansas...population...4,516...SAAAAALUTE! Yes sir. The Lions Den is the local. It's to kick off the annual John Daly Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting the local Boys and Girls Club. John called in and I hated to do it but, reminded him he needed to secure us some hotel rooms. I don't like gettin' in a poor mouthin' contest with these big name celebs but, doggone-it I will not be given the run around. I don't do it to the little people that I come in contact with and I will not tolerate bad behaviour from others. You're welcome!

 I mentioned to you at the beginning of this here blog that we got some insight into the lives of a teenage Tommy and RJ when they were finding out they may dig chicks. Tommy demonstrated how he practiced his kissing by putting his arm up to his mouth. Thank GOD there are no pictures or video of our lovable, innocent, producer, RJ Hawk. RJ admitted that he would practice in the shower on a steamed up shower door. Turns out intern Julie did the same. What is the world coming to Junior?!

Back in the studio for the last show of the week tomorrow. Donnie Ferneau is the person that will feed us Thursday morning. Beat the Baz and a whole lotta mo fun for ya. And NO I CAN NOT tell you how David Bazzel developed his much sought after kissing technique.

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