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6/14/2012 11:08 AM

I gotta write this pretty quick. Tommy, David, and I are heading up north 'bout 1:30. Hope I can finish it for ya.

 This morning on The Show With No Name, Chef Donnie Ferneau brought up a delicious dish had chicken and tomato...and......and...some bow-tie pasta with some incredible sauce. Man that dude is a chef and it shows. He also is a competitor and wanted to take on David in Beat the Baz.

 The Stupid Question of the Day didn't last too long today.

 The former Governor of the great state of Kalifornya, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stopped in to speak with us. He met up with Baz in Dallas and rode back. He was talking movies of course and pretty much making no kinda sense.

The Brick Capital of the World, Malvern, and Brickfest 2012, were represented this morning on the show. The head honcho, Von Michaels, gave us some tickets to give away and tell us about some of the things you can see next weekend. I bet there is someone that has been to every one of the 32 Brickfest. That should be a trophy ceremony itself. Each year pass the trophy to the next oldest living person that has attended the most since its beginning. Man that is such a good idea. No a great ideaI.  

 I have to say that the most talked about topic on the show is the one The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, doesn't want to talk about. The UofA uniform debate. I also have to say that I'm cool with a change for a game or two. This just proves that the new AD is not going to succumb to the big money donors and not rock the boat. Frank Broyles would never have considered doing this because it was his way or the highway. At least Jeff Long is willing to try new things and stay up with the rest of the country. It was just hilarious that Tommy talked the whole 4 hours about how all the other shows did nothing but talk the whole time on their shows about the uniforms and couldn't believe they could not find something else to discuss other than the uniforms so, we made sure you understood that we were not going to talk about the uniforms and if you didn't hear that before we went to a break, when we returned from the break you were informed that we were not gonna discuss those DADBURN UNIFORMS!

Tomorrow we invade Dardanelle and John Daly's home. I will do my best to get into his house and see what it is that he is hiding in that trunk in his basement.

Talk atcha on a TGIMFF SWNN!!

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