The Show With No Name And The Lions Den

6/15/2012 12:49 PM

 The Show With No Name spent Thursday night and Friday morning in the old stomping grounds of True Grits famous heroine, Mattie Ross and of course Marshall Rooster Cogburn.  Yep, that's right, Dardanelle and Yell County.  Specifically, We were broadcasting LIVE from The Lions Den. The Lions Den is the home and home course of '91 PGA, '95 British Open, and Arkansas Razorback, John Patrick Daly. It was one of the most fun and funny shows we have done in a spell. And judging by the reaction of the many texts and emails we received, it was the same for you. The calls generated from having John on was another sign in the affirmative. A fan of 'Wild Thing' Daly, Pat, was one of many that could have lasted even longer if we had not waken up in time to give everyone else a chance to speak to their hero. No not me. I'm talking 'bout John. But, thanks for noticing.

 The fun times and memorable shows with John go way back to when The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, was making peoples mornings over at Brand X radio station. That being said, it was nothing for Tommy to make a call to John anywhere, anytime, or in any state...of mind that is. Just remember that this call is from many years and many beers ago. But, even he would agree, it's funny!

 With all the time spent with John and really, his brother Jamie too, we all got to know a little about each other personally. These are things that will have to go with us to our graves. Those are obviously things that are not talked about in ear shot of others. And some are so, so,......I'm sorry I can't even think about with out gettin' the 'someone just walked over my grave' shivers. The Tommy toothpaste story is not one of those little secrets that we have to keep to ourselves because, he has told it a couple of times already. When he told it to the crowd at the Lions Den this morning it even had John, Jamie, John Dean, Dano, and the rest of the 'keep it to yourself gang', buck eyed and mouth agape with a hint of ashen face!

 Tiger Bait...Tiger Bait..Those two little words illicit hate every time they are heard on TSWNN. Tommy can catch a whole lotta...well you know. Not all LSU fans are jerks. I'm not even saying Tiger Bait is a jerk. But, the fans we met at Lions Den were far from that and better yet, just good ole boys wanting to have a good ole time with friends. Like we all do.

 Oh yea. It was really good to see the very, very talented, and very, very good guy, Jocko Deal this morning. We sang the hook to what else, Seven Spanish Angels!

 It was just a fun time today with a ton of laughs. I'm telling ya the energy spent this morning was tremendous. Now I'm not saying that we saved lives or anything like that but, you have to admit that if you had to have mouth to mouth resuscitation, it's nice to know David Bazzel is around huh? I'm a great weekend and if you're a dad, Happy Father's Day. If you're not, what are ya waiting on? The world ends before Christmas this year. Do it. Do it!

p.s. Happy Birthday Arkansas!

Talk atcha Monday.

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