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Tommy And Hooch...I Mean Pooch

6/18/2012 11:26 AM

 Today on The Show With No Name, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, had a big announcement to make. When David Bazzel first heard that one was gonna be made, he darn near passed out. The last time Baz heard a Big Announcement was 9:50 am on Friday, February 12th 2010. A date that will live in infamy. The thought still gives our number 53 the roll over and see what you have done Pat Bradley 3 am shivers!  But, this announcement was nothing like that. It was....wait for it....wait for it....Tommy Smith wants a puppy!! I'll give ya a minute to catch your breath. Now pinch yourself 'cause this is true! It appears the old Arkansas Shock Jock wants a canine kid. Spending his days alone 'til the Mrs. comes home is starting to get too lonesome. He is starting a 6 week campaign taking in all the info he can before he decides on the breed. There is no need to give names. Tommy says he has that. I say you have to see the animal before you can name it. My money is on Rusty, Gunsmoke, Matlock, or Rockford! I'm still in a little fog from the head shots I took when we talked about dogs last week. Thank goodness that I was somewhat vindicated when Mrs. Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Karen Smith, called in and gave her views, thoughts, and insight, on the matter.

To me everything else pales in comparison. That being said, Harry King was on the show this morning and really never said anything worthy of RJ Hawk capturing the audio. I know how that is. Harry is going on a little vacation to Florida. I gave him a hug and when he calmed down I told him it may be the last time I see him alive. I've done studies.

Now before you start going nutty on me, we did talk about the NBA, The US Open, and NASCAR. We are a sports station ya know. 

Trey Schaap took more time away from his family to bring you all the stuff worthy of SWNN stuff about the College World series and our OMAHOGS!

 Golf champion and SWNN favorite, John Daly called in on his way to Germany. Daly wanted to thank us for coming up last week. Tommy said it was probably in the top 15 all time of all the shows he has done. Now that's high praise.

 We even had a Spelling Bee contestant. I hate spelling bee contest. I wasn't the best but, I was by no means the worst in school. I would have gotten all A's and a 100 in red written across my paper if my teacher, with her college education, could have got in her hot tub time machine and seen the way we spell in texting these days. So, stik it!!

Thank you to William Harrison for cooking us breakfast this morning. That guy can scramble and egg for sure but, the way he fried that bacon up would make your mama's mama proud.

Tomorrow, Tommy may or may not be in. He has some paper work to finalize at Fletcher Dodge......RJ Hawk is in Fayetteville for the week and will report to us on the High School Baseball Championships.......Anthony Lucas among the guest.......Come hang out for a bit while your headin' to work. I promise it won't kill ya. You may feel light headed but hey, who don't?

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