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6/19/2012 11:05 AM

I may not be getting audio from The Show With No Name until RJ Hawk gets back from Fayetteville this Friday. He is in the City of the Hogs covering the High School Baseball Championship and Justin Acri is doing producer duties for TSWNN. It may prove to be a good thing. I'm struggling to find it but, it could be a good thing. Maybe I'll discover that the audio portion of the blog is second in wasted time only to the written word in this here blog. Maybe RJ telling me that he didn't have time to get my stupid audio crap was his subtle way of saying, nobody cares about my stupid audio crap. Tell ya what. If the audio is something that is a hit or a miss, please let me know in the comment section. Now don't try and be some wiesenhiemer and say that the text has ta go too. Thanks.

OK. Today it was a TV Icon show. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, didn't put up that much of a fuss when I suggested That Bart Simpson was a TV icon. Understanding that he, like myself, grew up with the no brainers on the list such as, Lucy, Jackie Gleason, Archie Bunker, and  Fonzi. Hey, the yella fella has been around 25 years. Bart not Tommy. No, wait, it's both. The number nine was the amount we had to come up with so, even if you put Dick Clark, JR Ewing, or Capitan freakin' Kangaroo, you have to save room for Bart Simpson.  If I could put on this list someone that will eventually be on it, like on a greatest hits album there is the latest song from the group that is still performing, I will give another animated character a mention, Stewie Griffin.

 The number 9 played a roll in the sports question of the day. Will the Razorbacks football team get 9 wins or over or under 9 wins? The vast majority said over. I'm in that group and we are such homers. If we do win more than 9 and unlikely go undefeated, then rest assured that the Mayan Calendar is for real and just weeks before that BCS Championship game were to be played, whats left of the world will be inhabited by Zombies that show no respect to the Hogs and will eat them! Too far fetched. I thought that same thing until the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians was renewed for a 7th season! Now I'm a believer in Khloe as well.  NO! I do not think any of them should be on the TV Icon top 9. Top 20 maybe but, not 9.

 If you picked The United States of America over Roger Clemens.......YOU LOSE!!! (with respect to Warner Wolf) The Rocket was acquitted of lying to our august body of lawmakers about his usage of HGH.  GOOD! Who cares if a sports athlete is using drugs to enhance their play? You? You? You Lieutenant Weinberg? Speaking as a majority of 1, I don't. And if I did, do I need the US Government tracking down a gall darn baseball pitcher?! Who hasn't lied to Uncle Sam? If you ever used Turbo Tax, you did. How 'bout taking that crap load of money and providing every child in this country a pair of shoes and a tooth brush. I know they say it was only 3 million over the last couple of months but, COME ON MAN! If you gave me the 3 million bucks I would give 2 million of it to an animal shelter in the name of Tommy Smith. 1 million I would use to stock up on bread, water, and ammo for when those Razorback eatin' Zombies take over the world in December! (ps) the numbers for the animal shelter were exaggerated to appear giving

 The OMAHOGS are still alive in the CWS! It was predicted that once the CWS began, all the Hogs had to do was go undefeated and they would be the National Champs. Its' looking pretty good thus far. Good thing the series is not being played in December!

Tommy will be off tomorrow. Nothing to do with his contract. 'Wild Man', Matt Couch, and Firehouse Subs, to name a few, will stop by the Antique Brick Studios.

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