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Wednesday Part 2 Plus Thursday...The Complete Set

6/21/2012 12:58 PM

In the words of George Costanza, 'I'm back baby!' It was a little longer yesterday than I thought and I was unable, and quite frankly, unwilling to blog Wednesday's blog II. What? I can't be honest with you? Please. I don't want to live in a country where I can't speak as honestly as I want to, or on some occasions, take liberties with honesty, on this here blog. That being said, I had a wonderful time with the elderly and orphans that I aided in pony rides and base jumping yesterday. Unfortunately, we still haven't found Mr. Mcgillicuddy. Rescue efforts resume this afternoon. Please keep the family in thought.

OK, look. Yesterday, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, was not in studio because he needed to....he was gonna...he was sick. In describing his illness to me, I think the phrase that pays he used was, "it was jet-stream like and it wouldn't stop"!  Anyway, David and I were graced with Justin Acri as producer and board-op. Say what you will about Justin.....I do. I'm kiddin'. Am I really? We had a good time with a wide array of topics. From Razorback Kevin McReynolds and Trey Schapp speaking about the Diamond Hogs to a man with a 100 pound scrotum!  Yea that's right. Sprinkled in between was the fun and games portion of The Show With No Name. A little  Stupid Question of the Day and a very funny  Match Game.

Don't forget, we did have "Wild Man" Steve Wilson on with us. The Arkansas Big Bass tournament is in a couple of weeks and you still have time to register at  David and I had our photos with a replica or facsimile there of, of the biggest bass ever caught and recorded in the state since the beginnin' of Arkansas civilization.   

Today right out of the shoot, Tommy had to find out if in his state of sickness yesterday, he heard us talking about a 100 pound scrotum. He is right when he says that David and myself talk about things that he would have gotten fired for a few years back. It's not like we sought out the 100 pound scrotum. Who does that? Well, sure there are a few freaks that would. Things like that just seem to fall in our lap. We would much rather talk about subjects such as 80's music and TV game shows. I know it's a sports station. We talked about the Hogs. Come On Man! It is the beginning of Summer and baseball is not all we have but, it is what we have. Tommy has come a long way in touching on NASCAR and whatnot. It happened to be Thursday and Thursday is Beat the Baz day at Signal Media. You may think that it's just a bit we of The Show with No Name play for your listening enjoyment. NO! Not so fast my friend. The entire family, and that's what we are, family, gets to play the game in the conference room after the program. Big money is won by a few each week. You're welcome to join us. Just let me know. We can have people stand in for us anytime.

 On July 3rd and 4th in Saline County is Benton Freedom Fest 2012. James Belew has been bringing some great entertainment to the area for well over a decade and he is not gonna disappoint this year either. If your like me, and I think you are, you feel that nothing says Happy Birthday America like, country music and pro rasslin'! Son shut yo mouth!  "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan will be flippin' galoots all over the squared circle and one of our own, Buddy Jewell will be singing. Jewels Sweet Southern Comfort is an anthem to most and if it doesn't put chills down ur back and make choke up a little, you are part of Al Qaeda. Yea I said it. I believe that. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry I did! There are more acts and entertainment but, I'm just about out of paper so, hit it up on the web and see fo yosef.

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