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Arkansas Friday Baby!

6/22/2012 3:36 PM

 The Show With No Name welcomed with open arms, Friday Baby! Unless you work on the weekend, you have to agree that Friday is the most wonderful day of the week. I believe that the only thing that can make Friday any better than it already is, is when Christmas falls on that day. Now watch me start getting hate letters and emails from those that favor the other week days. Lets be real. One of the funniest movies is called Fridays! HELLO!!  To each is own I always say. But, come on Monday lovers. Really? Anyway, just listen to the excitement and enthusiasm that is in all of our voices when Tommy opened up the show with today's topics of fun rundown this mornin'.

 Meet Lester Holt. We didn't today. He of Dateline NBC was scheduled to be on but, once again I screwed up with an NBC guest. Mr. Holt was supposed to be on at 8:30 CT. I thought 9:30 CT. I hate having to make the the conversion from one time zone to another. That wasn't the case as much as me reading in error the time that our special NBC liaison, Marsha Rickett emailed me in plain black and white! While I'm at it. I'm no longer any good with the Dewey Decimal System or that metric crap! Other than a 2 liter something or other.

 Now back to your local programming......Sterling has been a Buzz regular for years and more recently the first one up on the phone bank. We must be living right. Conversely, we still have angered the Gods and are paying for past deeds because, Tiger Bait has been making the rounds more frequently too. While I'm here, lets just go for the hat trick and have Rhonda tell ya of the LR Central 30th reunion coming up. 

 This time of year folks will be doing their thang on the grill. Some local fellas have done it better than some and done got themselves on the TV because of it. Dr. Randy Hill and his team, Southern Krunk Burn One Boys BBQ, will appear this season on BBQ Pitmasters. Check your local listings for Destination America Channel and see how these Hot Springs natives fared in the cooking contest. 

 We were rootin' for our Razorbacks playing in Omaha, Nebraska last nite but, to no avail. You know what? That's not true is it? We cheered. They lost. We will keep cheering and callin' the Hogs! We discussed that with you and Gentle Ben also. Trey Schapp is covering the game for the Buzz and gave us the latest when he called The Show With No Name. Clint Stoerner was on hand for that conversation. Clint is like all Razorback alum. Go Hogs or Go Home!! With the exception of Bruce James in cases where he thinks the team may lose or at least struggle, Mr. James will say what he thinks. (FYI...If you don't like that, you tell him. I ain't) There was also some Olympic talk in this segment. HAHA! HAHA! I know I know. At least we tried.

A special Friday addition (see how Friday steps up cool again) of Beat the Baz and we get out of dodge.

Have a great weekend. I teach my daughter how to drive tomorrow. No she's 21 and has a car license. She gets on the Gravely. It's time. Oh it's time Jerry!

Talk atcha Monday!

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