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Rock Of Ages

6/25/2012 12:34 PM

The crew from The Show With No Name has seen the new flic 'Rock of Ages. We discussed it along with playing some of the songs from the movie by the original artist. We all liked it. I'm not sure how David felt about the Tom Cruise character, Stacee Jaxx.  Tommy didn't like him because he kept his shirt off most of the movie. I don't think that's any different than when David Bazzel doesn't wear a shirt in the studio. Anyway, I enjoyed the character. Did I enjoy the fact that Cruise had his shirt off? Rest assured if I did, I wouldn't admit it. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Can you imagine the bashing that I would take? Listen to me babble on so. You would think that I had something to hide or something or other. HAHA! Hey, how 'bout those Hogs huh.

The music of the 80's is great rock, make no mistake. ( I get that 2nd part of the statement from a Wally Hall column ) I may be partial because I graduated Hot Springs High in '82, which puts be at or near the birth of the so called Rock of Ages. Now I'm 30 years older and the groups are getting close to their 80s! Thank all that is good for YouTube, A little White Snake? Don't mind if I do.

I have to acknowledge that the it was 3 years ago today that one of the biggest entertainers ever died.  Michael Jackson was as big in the 1980s as anyone. No argument here. Just not Rock & Roll. That's the only reason we didn't pay homage to him with words and song. Maybe not the only reason. RIP MJ........RIP.

Bill Vickery came in this morning to give his 2 cents worth on the music of the 80s. And with Bill and all his Pac Money, he always has more than 2 cents to give. I like Bill. I really do. I just wish I could sit down with a young boy Bill and tell him that hair falls out. Its a normal process that should not be tampered with in anyway. People can tell Bill. People can tell.

Two things happened in the last 30 minutes of the show. One, was my son Zac, calling in describing his time in Colorado camping and a wildfire breaks out. He said he had to leave all his gear. I have yet to get the answer to whether he left anything that belonged to me. I'm sure if he did, someone will mail them back. Sure they will. Yea. Sure they will.   The second thing was the  Stupid Question of the Day.

Of course we talked about the Miami Heat and the pure excitement that we all share in LeBron gettin' one of the monkeys off his back. King James still has not 2, not 3, not 4, (you get the picture) but a few more left to get out from under.

 And last but certainly not least. How 'bout those Diamond Hogs!!  There are over 280 NCAA Division I teams alone throughout the country with baseball teams according to my sources. My very reliable sources. And for our Razorbacks to finish 3rd is pretty remarkable don't cha think? Me to. I'm not going to diminish that achievement by jumping on the 'the umps screwed us and the ESPN announcers don't give us respect' bandwagon. I really didn't follow the team until they made the trip to Omaha. Maybe if I had a little more time invested I would feel different. Then again maybe I wouldn't. Believe me when I tell ya, that anytime I can blame a loss on an ump, or ref I will gladly do so. Lets just call those Hogs and concentrate now on the football season starting in 71 days. WOOO PIG SOOIEEEEE!!

Tomorrow Harold Horton joins us. Harry King is back from vacation. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw says we will have a caller driven show. That oughta be something.

Talk atcha Tuesday.

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