The Show With No Name

Magic Springs

6/28/2012 12:33 PM

 To borrow from The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw.......LIVE from my hometown....The Show With No Name was in Hot Springs, Arkansas.....population....35,193....SAAAAALUTE!! On location at Magic Springs, for the 1st of 5 Natural State Tours remotes.  Gettin' paid to ride roller coasters, eat breakfast burritos, and talk about stuff we know very little about, continues to confirm that this is the greatest country in the history of the world going back pretty far. So, say it with me.....Take That Bin Laden!! Tommy and David set the record for the oldest guy and best looking guy not working for the park, to ride a couple of coasters before 7 am in the month of June. That's saying something. Listen closely and you can here what I'm saying about it!  That record was confirmed by the GM of Magic Springs, Steve Honeycutt. Now, RJ Hawk was also involved in a record.  He turns out to be the oldest Texan to ride the wave in the kiddie pool and sit between to high school girls on the Dr. Dean Rocket (insert own joke here) and cry before 7 am in the month of June. I was smoking at the time and couldn't get on the ride. I had just lit the thing so get off my back.

 We continued this new fangled idea of Caller Driven show. Go figure. Actually let people call in and just willy nilly bring up a topic and we try to carry on a conversation. Wonders never cease to amaze me. 

  Shirley Jones has appeared in the iconic TV show The Partridge Family and classic movies including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Elmer Gentry. Now she can add to her resume The Show With No Name on 103.7 The Buzz. Yea that's right.  Matter of fact, before she hung up, she said it was the best time of her life. Unfortunately the audio was lost in the heat. Rats!

 The sports part of our sports station was not left out during our outing at the amusement park. And, it was not a caller driven comment that opened the discussion. NO! It was US! When we want to talk sports we can't be matched. Yea That's right. I said it. Can't be matched. But ya have to understand, we were at Magic 'Freakin' Springs! Oh yea. We talked Top 10 beaches. Then  we talked about the NBA.....and bats. Not the baseball one. We talked bats. 

We had a great time this morning. Magic Springs has a great offer for this weekend. Text Buzz to 73517 and receive 2 for the price of 1 admission tickets. That's thru Saturday for this Saturday only. 

Tomorrow we are on the road again. Frank Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood. I turn in my Charger. Bittersweet moment. End of the month and the deals will be dealt! 

Talk atcha on Friday.

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