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Fletcher Friday

6/29/2012 2:22 PM

 The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location this morning in beautiful, crime free, Sherwood.  Frank Fletcher had plenty to say today. And brother did he. He has made the best deal in the history of car sales on Arkansas radio with what he and GM Mark Miller cooked up.

 Always fun when we are on the road and today was no exception. A special Friday, on the road edition of Beat the Baz was in the cards. It played out just like a Hollywood script. David was down a couple of points early and had to battle back like the champion he is for a tie going into the last song. BOOM!! He scoops and scores!

 Tommy had a little more best beach talk in him and I used that opportunity to throw out a topical Stupid Question of the Day. I was operating the phones and got a little quick finger on the button.

Really, that was pretty much all there was of structured substance to the show this day. We were shocked and surprised at something that Tommy and I knew growing up but, David had that, You guys are making stuff up or you're high again look, again.  It seems that Baz had never heard of punks.  If you are like David Bazzel or just the younger generation, you may not have either. I don't know what they are called now or what they were called before. They were punks when I was a punk kid and they are punks today. The other was the drinking of the sweet nectar of the Honeysuckle.  Yesterday at Magic Springs, I heard what sounded like a wounded, wild animal on the outskirts of the park. As I rushed to the aid of what turned out to be a bear cub I came across a row of honeysuckle that I needed for the cubs wound. I offered one to David and he nearly put the whole thing in his mouth instead of the proper way of pullin' out from the stem. He didn't think it was a real treat. Well, at least baby Buzzy Bear was found and is doing much better today. The picture is kinda hard to make out but, hopefully you can see. 

David is off for a week headin' down to his birthplace in Florida. Keep him in your thoughts while he is traveling and we will do the same for you this weekend. That's all folks!! Have a great one and we will talk atcha Monday. 

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