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Give This To Freddy!

7/2/2012 11:34 AM

The Show With No Name had to bring in a some heavy hitters to try and fill the vacated chair of the vacationing David Bazzel. Our favorite Razorback is taking a much needed and over due sabbatical. He is spending time at home in Panama City, Florida. Is this the week that he comes back a married man? I will never tell. Lets just say, when I ask him if he was gonna do it this time he said, and I quote...." No I'm not! I'm going to kill you Roger Dale Doyle Scott!" So, that sounds like a non-denial denial ta me.

 Some have often quipped that Bozo is on the morning show every day. I will not dignify that with a response. Other than saying that I bet you won't say that to The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw's face! (Huh? You mean....Were they talking about.....Oh you're crazy!)  The real legend in the make-up, Gary Weir, was in studio today. Gary is coming up on 50 years in the business in Arkansas. He has been involved with Thoroughbred racing on the boob tube for nearly 20. He just recently began doing a new music/dance program on Saturday nites.

This 4th of July may be lacking in the display of fireworks but, The Benton Freedom Fest will still be the place that has all the the things your family is looking for in entertainment and fun, not the least of which is Championship Wrestling star and WWE Hall of Fame member, Hacksaw Jim Duggan!  Hacksaw is still making the rounds on the circuit and promises that this event will be family friendly.

 Opening this past weekend was the latest in the Tyler Perry Medea franchise, 'Witness Protection'. One of the stars, or at least one of the only stars that agreed to give us the time of day, Tom Arnold, was on with us this morning. We talked more about his next movie and past ones than we did the current Perry film. Oh, I'm not complaining. It was better than the last time we had Arnold as a guest. It's a selfish reason behind that thought. OK, David introduced me as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom's co-star in the True Lies movie. Tom said it was a horrible impression. I have to at admit that it is not anywhere close to being dead on but, there ya go. Hey, did I mention what the Baz is doing at a church in Panama City? Nevertheless, I enjoyed Tom more this time around. 

The program continued our love of the 80's with TV and movies of the decade. It has to be the big one in my life for sure. I graduated high school, got married, became a father for the first time (twice), totaled a car, and thought about faking my death and leaving the country. I would have done it too. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on who you are, it was in between paydays and direct deposit had yet to be implemented at my job at the time.

This week we have a special Outdoors Channel Trivia game/challenge  for prizes now and qualify for a gift card to the Bass Pro Shop. Nice Huh. Thought ya might like that.

Tomorrow we turn Tuesday into Wednesday as far as our guest line-up.  'Wild Man' and Matt Couch will be in and who knows what else could happen. You think I do? Please!

Talk atcha in the mornin'.

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