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Happy Birthday U.........SA!!

7/4/2012 2:15 PM

 God Bless America! The Show With No Name celebrated Independence Day Eve with stories of 4th of July past and present. It started with that All American staple of 4th foods, Hot Dogs. Who better to help facilitate that for us than, Hot Dog Mike. Hot Dog has been motoring his stand around town the last several years, which tells ya he has some darn good grub or he wouldn't have lasted a month. He was giving away free dogs to those that would simply sing a patriotic song or whistle the them song to The Andy Griffith Show. The latter after he learned along with the rest of us that Sheriff Taylor had passed earlier in the day.

A couple of guys in the 7:00 hour. Harry King was on the show as is customary for a Tuesday. We also got a quick call from Clint Albright. Harry did he usual " I'm old and they're flaring up on me so back off young fella" routine. Clint discussed the events surrounding his involvement of 33 years with that great American sport of Softball.


We were honored to have The Buzz's roving reporter and our answer to Chris Hanson, Trey Schapp in the studio. Why? He tried to stir up crap as only Trey 'Bup' Schapp can!

Not too many people can talk about the many wonderful outdoor treasures that this Land of Opportunity has than Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson. He brought us up the 2012 Wildlife calendars that are available for free to you, me, and everyone that wants one. Next week he will tell us how to get the AG&FC magazine for a small fee of like $12.00 or so. I said that I would subscribe on the air. I tell you that only so I can keep it fresh in my mind and not forget.

Benton Freedom Fest is gonna be the place to be. Well that's where RJ Hawk and myself will be so, yea that's right, it is the place to be. Great family fun and entertainment. Roland Pennington of TaylorMadeRocks, is going to do his part at the event. Benton Freedom Fest. It's free! Come on out and enjoy.

I checked with David to find out how he was getting along without seeing me the last couple of days. The picture he sent tells me he is doing just fine. We miss our Hog and will be glad to see him when he gets back from his, 'vacation'.

As I, and we for the most part, grow older, our priorities change. I for one have come to appreciate July 4th so much more. Don't get me wrong here. I love all the holidays that get others to spend their hard earned money on me oh yes. And that's just it I think. Those are holidays. Independence Day is a celebration. A celebration of the birth of the greatest country ever. Yea I said it. The greatest ever! Happy 236 Birthday! God Bless America!!

Talk atcha Thursday.

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