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7/5/2012 11:31 AM

 The Show With No Name, fresh back from the July 4th celebration, celebrated and mourned one of our favorite people/characters of all time, Sheriff Taylor. Unless you live under a rock without Wi-Fi, you know about Andy Griffith passing away. I'm unable to use the D-word. That will just make it final. For 53 years and counting, The Andy Griffith Show has been on the tube somewhere in this country, nah the world, every single day! That way I don't have to accept reality and can get in my hot tub time machine and visit Mayberry any time I want or need to. 

 Playing homage to the pioneers of TV can't be done better than The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. Ya gotta love that if you're like me. And lets face it, you are for the most part. RJ Hawk was commissioned to put together a montage. He does it better than anyone ever has according to Tommy and he did not disappoint with this mornings TV Theme Song Montage. It took just a couple of calls before we had a winner. It was during this bit that a new term was introduced on the show, Surfing the Kayak. Make up your own jokes but, you will come around to what we allude to it being. 


 Matt 'Cougar Bait' Couch brought his hardworking hard-body in the studio today. He played our little reindeer games before he was actually able to give us the what's going on at The Buzz update. He gets up early to come in and only has about 5 minutes of the hour plus he is in with us to do his bidness. He's no slouch. He took the cue when tossed and delivered. Then we got back to another game appropriately called, . Have ya picked up on that yet? Match Game......Matt-CH Game....Ya see what I did there? Freakin' Genus!

 The Sheik of Bismark, or S.O.B. as we like to say, was not in to talk horse this morning. NO! He was in to tell ya how you can and need to protect all your winnings from the low life, no account, thievin' SOBs.(no relation) that steal your identity.

 Now don't get all bent out of shape and wonder, why come yall ain't talking sports! Remember, we are Your Fun and Games Station. But, we did talk sports thru out the show. Needin' your input. Asking you to help us with the top 5 Hogs during the decade of the 80's in both basketball and football.  In football we had to CORLISS our own David Bazzel.  The only names that are locks so far are, Steve Atwater, and Billy Ray Smith.  When we got to basketball, it got more crowded, for lack of a better term. I mean come on....Day, Mayberry, and Big O!.....Robertson and Sky Walker..........Big Joe from Slater Mo! Yea we need to continue this one for sure. Help out tomorrow if'n ya can. And all that was just centered around our beloved Razorbacks. There was also the stuff on Wimbledon and the trade of Steve Nash from Phoenix to the Lakers. That was the highlights. So, for those that emailed me, you just weren't listening at the right time. What were you thinking? Stick around a little longer each day than you have in the past and you will get what you want. Law of averages has to take over. That's why I'm confident in saying that. Thanks for being there whenever you there for sure. And hey it's free. Don't thank me. Thank YOU!!  

Tomorrow LIVE form atop Petit Jean!!

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