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Make-Up Monday

7/9/2012 12:15 PM

First things first.......The Show With No Name welcomes back David Bazzel.  Rumors were running rampant on why he was in Florida for a week. Is he married? Is he opening a new Fletcher Dealership? Is he auditioning for The Bachelor? I can't speak to those. I didn't see a ring or a ring tan on his finger. I say he was just there for a vacation. 

 We missed DB when we were at Mather Lodge atop Petit Jean as we have come to find out.  What a spectacular place. I have never been , but will go back.  I can afford the $70.00 a night stay. That's an awesome price for the view. I may take my wife this time. What? Of course I will. Besides, it's the same price for the two of us. The people are very friendly.  I think Tommy had a good time. That's saying something boy. It was hotter than all get out but, we made our way to the grave of the mount....plateaus namesake, Petit Jean.  

The funniest thing happened while we were still on the air. Lynn Edgerton of Petit Jean Meats, mistakenly took our truck keys but, forgot his hearing aid and was headed to Hot Springs. We we lucky that he took out the Elvis CD long enough to hear my muffled plea to check and see if he had our keys. He did and we made it home safe and sound. We will spend Wednesday night at Lake DeGray  as we continue our Natural State Tour.

The return of old number 53 was pretty much the highlight of the program this morning. Well, what do you want me to do lie to ya? Actually I probably have before but it was for you own good. Not this time. I mean we still talked a little about Andy Griffith. That tells ya how much of an icon in the entertainment industry he was.  Our sports talk centered on John L. Smith and his recent disclosure that he is, will, or, may file for bankruptcy. When we started the discussion it was apparent that we needed some help so, Justin must have texted The Zone attorney of note, Otto Frye, to straighten us out on the issue. It wasn't long after Otto that we received a call from someone wanting to correct Otto. That subsequent call left us more confused so we said it was a push and we were back to square one. What is ya gonna do.

We then did what we do best and that's eat. This time it was from Central Arkansas's newest food type place, Dunkin' Donuts. We had the spokesman for the store in the studio this morning. Conan is the mans name. I didn't catch his last name apparently because I was slacking somewhat or as they say, kickin' the opossum but, when your first name is Conan, that's all ya need in my book.

Tommy may be off tomorrow. David and I will be there for sure. RJ should be in if he is thru with whatever it is his does at night these days. Evidently, RJ Hawk is supplementing his income with a little 'Magic Mike' action at a local establishment. Honestly I didn't think he was up for it. After I snuck in and saw him, I have to admit he is pretty, no really good. I even put a couple bucks in his waistband.

Talk atcha Tuesday.

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