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No Tommy Tuesday

7/10/2012 12:02 PM

Tommy Smith realized last night that he had better take a day off now or, he wouldn't get the chance until his vacation in August. That's because with the Natural State Tour and David and myself taking off for Boston next week, and oh yea, RJ Hawk attending or being in a wedding next week too, it's now or never for The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw. It's not even an I'm gonna take the day off and do nuttin' thing either, he is being a responsible adult and arranging his schedule so he can be more productive during our absences. Stop laughing! He really is. 

 Harry King joined us this morning still glowing from the suntan he received while vacationing/recital attending with his granddaughter in Florida. It also has to be noted that the old I was right the first time, was taking his chances on a boogie board. When Harry wasn't talking about wiping out or riding the tube, we conversed about the latest Razorback rankings in one of about 2 trizbilion publications. All in all, it's as good as we of the Hog I won't do it.......we of the Razorback Pack could hope for or expect. If we know that our defensive secondary is lacking and the magazines know that, you better know that the Alabamas, LSUs, and even Rutgers of the world know it too. We are gonna be in a world of hurt if someone doesn't step up soon.

 Those mags may not know where the guy that has had us all excited the last few years is but, we do now. Our former coach is living on some Lindsey Properties in Rogers, Arkansas........population......55,964......SAAAAAAALUTE!

 The voice of the Arkansas Traveler baseball team, Phil Elson, visited with us via phone today. Phil is not only a Show With No Name favorite but, A Buzz station as a whole favorite. Who else would we wanna talk baseball with if we can get that guy on the horn? Exactly.

 With Tommy out and David Bazzel in the Big Chair, did you have any doubt that we would have a chick type person on the program? We had a Buzz Babe all up in the house. Amanda was supposed to be up around 8:30 or so. She finally dragged herself in the studio at about 9:45. She is a masseuse and needs one herself now. Amanda hurt her back and just couldn't get goin' this morning. We do appreciate her making the effort though for sure.

Tomorrow the show will enjoy the company of 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson, Matt Couch, and the return of TC Star. Come by if'n ya got nuthin' else keepin' ya from it. Talk atcha Hump Day!


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