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Whata Wednesday

7/11/2012 11:31 AM

I'm waiting on RJ Hawk to swing by and pick me up for the next leg of our Natural State Tour. We spend the day at DeGray Lake. So, I will try and get ya thru the blog quick and painless today. OK? OK.


 'Wild Man' brought along Randy Zellers this morning. Randy left $12.00 richer. Randy is the editor of the Arkansas Wildlife magazine. A magazine mind you, that I have now subscribed to. That's right. That's where the cash went. Not bad at all. 4 issues and a calendar for a year. Check into it for the outdoorsy guy or gal at your place.

  Matt the Couch hung out today and actually got a little more air time than usual. I like that because Matt is a strange dude. I mean that in the best possible way. The boy is not only kinda smart he is very funny. I think we are gonna do a duo stand up routine at a local funny place soon. Matt also had to clinch the cheeks when RJ threw him under the bus about smoking so much. I was told I was a bad influence to Matthew. David ask me what the worst part of smoking was. I told him simple. When people try to make me stop! I KNOW I KNOW!!! I happened to write down the number and website last nite! Here it is for you too. They say it works for most.    We had to get in a game of Match Game before he did leave the studio. We were joined by Barbara of Papa Murphy's for a round. 

Barbara and her husband....her husband....DANG! I didn't write it down and I can't remember. He wouldn't mind. Especially if I just get the name of his business correct. Papa Murphy's. Papa Murphy's Pizza. Join the Take 'N' Bake revolution. Dadburnit! I know they have two locations. One is in Jacksonville. I do know that. Another thing I can't remember is if I have had this pizza before. I won't have that problem again. It is a really good pie. Not just saying that. And no David Bazzel I am NOT getting a yard sign!

 Speaking of David Bazzel. We asked the age old question......What past Razorback would you want on the current team to help out this season?  Tommy says there is no wrong answer. I happen to disagree with that. There is a wrong suggestion and even more so, stupid ones. There is no need on the offence. Sure we could improve the line or maybe here and there but, we are set at the skill positions. The defense is the question mark once again. The obvious players would be a Steve Atwater, Billy Ray Smith, Kenny Hamlin. Those are where the glaring holes are. And lets not forget what a leader my buddy David Bazzel would be on the field, let alone his play.  That's it. David Bazzel would help tremendously. I'm talking about right now too!  He still looks the exact same. He has been put back together. He is faster, stronger. Come on Baz. Suit up and teach them what Bull in the Ring is all about! WOO PIG!! GO HOGS!!

Tomorrow we broadcast LIVE from Lake DeGray. Hope ya join us. Talk atcha Thursday. 

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