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Thursday In The Park

7/12/2012 1:58 PM

 The Show With No Name was broadcasting LIVE from the only Resort State Park and 2011 Arkansas State Park of the Year......DeGray Lake Resort State Park!  This beautiful gem of the Natural State is located in Bismarck, Arkansas. Bismarck is an unincorporated community between Hot Springs and Caddo Valley on State HWY 7 and 84 in Hot Spring County..........population......3,750....SAAAAAALUTE!!!

We were able to meet many of the staff at the lodge and all of them were very gracious and kind. I'm certain that it made no difference to them that we where mega radio stars. I'm further willing to bet RJ Hawk's per diem that they will treat you just as good. The rooms were spacious. At least they were to me. The other guys like to joke that I'm smaller than them so, I have all the room I need. I do. Now what? Didn't go the way you thought that would huh. Of course they didn't spend as much time in the rooms as I did or The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith.  David and RJ went out for a bike ride. I wanted to go with them but, noooooooooo. The scenery was beautiful I hear them say. It has to be. And the ride would have done me good too. I needed to relax like the next guy but, nooooooooo!! My phone was not working and I was off the grid until we got back to Malvern. I digress. I went to my room and researched the park and was just fine with being alone with nature my way. David Bazzel refuses to wear his glasses and went to the wrong room a couple of times. On one of these particular instances, he was greeted at the door by the man of the room who was agitated at being interrupted at such an inopportune time. (Wink Wink)

 RJ and I have talked with Ranger Mike about coming back and playing a round of golf when we have more time. Between him and David bike riding and busting into others rooms and Tommy and me riding the horses, we couldn't make the time fit. John Stewart is the golf pro. He wants to give us a few pointers. In return we let him sit in on a round of Beat the Baz. I know I know. We got the short end of that one I agree. But whatcha gonna do? as a matter of fact this golf thing is getting out of hand. Robert Dill, yes the Robert Dill of Simmons First Bank, called in the program to remind us about our golf date in Pine Bluff in the middle of August.

 Last night as I was wondering why David and RJ left me, I saw Robert Blake go nutso on the Piers Morgan program on CNN. Really though, Blake has always been the strange kind and now that he is 79, he's just a crazy old man.  We got a kick out of it of course because we are nutso, old, and crazy, ourselves. 

 The big talk was once again the holes in our defense. Tommy watched the 2010 game against Mississippi State and pointed out that, that Hog team went to a BCS Bowl game and the defense sucked. Therefore, this team has to have improved in two years and should go back to a BCS game and maybe when it all! Makes sense to me. I'm still concerned. Although I did read where the Razorbacks won the National Championship game against Kansas St. on the NCAA 2013 video game! WOOOO PIG SOOOOIE!!!

Tomorrow we are back in the studio. No idea what we will discuss. I was in the same boat yesterday at this time. I love the Buzz and my job. Have I said that before? I know that after the show I head to The Butcher Shop for Steak Burger Friday! Join me there and before that on the program.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

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