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Arkansas Baby!

7/17/2012 2:28 PM

 The Show With No Name spent the night on the grounds of the largest state park in Arkansas in cabins similar to the above photo. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith and David Bazzel shared one while RJ Hawk and myself doubled up in Cabin #8 high atop Crowley's Ridge in Village Creek State Park. Village Creek State Park is in Wynne, Arkansas.......population....6815....SAAAAALUTE!

 This was week 4 of a 5 week tour of the Natural State to our beautiful state parks. The hospitality of hosts has been more than great. We have been treated like royalty. And lets be honest, we kinda are don't ya think.  I'm kiddin', I'm kiddin'. Am I? but seriously, you will be treated as such because they are mine, yours and everyone's. We pay for them and that doesn't go unnoticed by the staff at these parks. Jesse Weeks is a man that loves his job and proud to be a part of the Village Creek family. He is the Director of Golf and treated us to a round on one of the 3, 9 hole courses that he runs.  The courses have been dubbed the most beautiful of all the golf courses that Tommy or David have played on and I have not seen many places that are more gorgeous whether golf course or not. OK so maybe I don't get out much.   Park Ranger Vickie was glad to straighten us out on more than one thing that we were completely wrong about. From the Toltec mounds, to the extirpated wildlife. We even squeezed in time for a chat with Signal Medias roving reporter, Trey Schapp. Trey is in Hoover, Alabama with Randy Rainwater covering SEC Media Days. That's another story. You know what? I'll just tell it now.  Trey and Randy drove south in the Buzz Suburban because, well, they got it like that. We drove the new Buzz Van. The van is primarily for hauling stuff not folks. That is plain to tell by way of the amount of factory seating in the van. RJ drove, Tommy had seniority and sat shotgun, and David and I sat in foldin' chairs in the belly of the beast! We wanted to bond somewhat on the trip and this was the best way for us to accomplish that. Well, the best way to accomplish that and have the company pay for the gas. What? It's true. Tommy was like the Head Walkin' Boss banging on the wire cage, spittin' on us, threatening us with turning off the cold air if we kept singing! The longer David and I did sit back there getting saddle sore, the more we felt like convicts. All we had was our minds and our music. They couldn't take that away from us!! On the way back it was just as fun if not more so. Tommy was stretched out in the back of the van with me napping while David was up in the passenger seat trying to be Mr. Tough Guard guy. He turned the air off for a second but is just to kind hearted to leave it off very long. And don't get me started about him using salty language! The man doesn't know how to cuss. It's just not in him to be mean. He could barely pronounce most of 'em and when he did they were combined words! Hilarious!!

 Harry King didn't let us being out of the studio stop him from coming in and talking. With the season just over a month and a half out, what else would we talk about. After all, we are a sports station right? GO HOGS!

 Before we left, we also learned from Jesse Weeks that he played on a softball team sponsored by Elvis Presley. Jesse was coaching football in East Arkansas and over in the Memphis area. That's how he met the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis could never really get a turn at the plate because, once it was out he was at the field, the crowds started showing.


 All in all it was a fantastic time. We saw Lake Dunn, where the largest illegal Bass was caught last year.  Another part of our state where the Trail of Tears goes through. I walked in the pitch black dark with wild animals smelling my scent for the kill to fix the TV in Tommy and Baz's cabin. RJ went to Wynne to get some tobacco product, whatever that means, and came back proclaiming he got a great deal on 'soda'! When RJ returned to our cabin he jumped in the shower muttering something about it being 'shave my entire body' nite! I kid you not!! I immediately kneeled down to say my prayers, got under the covers, and hoped I would not wake up to him standing over my bed looking like Carl from Sling Blade with a hammer or something worse in his hand! Again, it was a blast and I hope we come across how great we have it. Next week we wrap up the tour at Mount Nebo. ARKANSAS BABY!!

Tomorrow we are back in the studio with at the very least, Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson and Matt 'Big Cat' Couch.

Talk atcha Wednesday 

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