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Boston, Gus And Les

7/24/2012 12:10 PM

It has been a minute or two since our last time together.  David and I were in Boston last week with friends and family. No scratch that. We were with family, and James Ballentine. OK! OK!  We along with Jimmy The Cop, Ballentine, Robie, Al, and Zac spent time together in one of the original colonies.  For 4 days and 3 nights we stayed in boat on The Boston Harbor. Al Watkins tried to teach us the proper way to work the bathroom pumps. I wouldn't have any of that! Just wouldn't have it!   We had a great time at the oldest MLB park in the country, Fenway.  It didn't matter that the Red Sox lost to Toronto. Well it did to Zac. But, we had great seats witnessing that thanks to Al's diligence in securing our seats at Pesky's Pole.   Johnny Pesky played for the Sox from the 40's to the early 50's. Zac, Robie, and Al signed it. Pretty cool.  Much to the dismay of The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, we went to Cheers. Yea that's right! Pat Bradley's mom and dad took us on a walk about to Beacon Hill. We came down said such Beacon Hill to the former Bull and Finch pub made famous from the TV show of the 80's. All the adult beverage drinkers enjoyed that trip down memory lane.  I was most excited to get around to the places where some of the most heroic of our Founding Fathers spent a great deal of time, as well as walking in their footsteps on The Freedom Trail.  Starting with The Old State House. On the left side of the building in the picture is where The Boston Massacre occurred. The British soldiers that were accused of murder in this location were defended by the 2nd President of the U.S., John Adams. Also, the first public reading of The Declaration of Independence in Boston took place right up there on that there balcony! That building and location is humbling and awesome at the same time. I know, I know! If I love it so much why don't I just marry it? I would by golly!! From there along the trail, to the Granary Burying Ground. Founded in 1660, BOOM! 1660! The graves of Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and  Paul Freakin' Revere! I could go on and on since this is the first blog about the trip. I haven't even got to my time spent with the Mafia. But, I'll save ya from me and get to today. 

Welcome to today. See how that works? In the words of Doug Henning..... It's Magic! Look him up.

The Show With No Name welcomed in the studio at the same this morning, Harry King  and pack leader of the ASU Red Wolves,  Gus Malzahn. Tommy takes a ton of grief for his newly acquired affection of Gus. Coach likes Tommy a lot more than before too. Now what. Bet that didn't go the way you thought it would did it? Come on man! Lets cheer for Jonesboro, Conway, Henderson, and so on and so on...

 The Penn State situation is what everyone is talking about and we ain't no different.

Tiger Bait and Michael from Stuttgart both on the same day. I could hardly stand it! You can tell which is from the Blue and Red states! Tiger called in first, then Michael made his presence known and Tiger had a few minutes left on his paid phone card. It appeared to me the boy from Stuttgart got under the fur of the cub from Louisiana. 

 Les Gold of the Tru-TV program, Hardcore Pawn, was on with us via phone today. He is the owner of American Jewelry and Loan in the 8 mile section (Eminem say what) of Detroit Michigan. The show includes son Seth and daughter Ashley interacting with employees and the constant line of less fortunate from the Motor City. It's on Tuesdays in Arkansas at 8 pm and I watch it each week. I also talk back at the TV when, I in my all knowing and holier than thou self, spot a screw job happening! I don't like being like that. It's a failure of mine I'm working on. Anyway, before the interview concluded I got to ask Mr.Gold what he thought of my assessment.  

OK that should do it huh. I mean you got some good sports talk, a little TV entertainment, and some vacation slides. So lets all get a good night sleep and be back with 'Wild Man' Wilson, Matt Couch and others on a Hump Day. Whaddya say a deal?

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