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7/27/2012 2:54 PM

Friday is one of those days that is good to see every week. Especially after working fries at The Butcher Shop for 'Steak Burger Friday'. Man, I get out of the studio at 10 and head over and start handing out fries and drinks. After 1, when it's all over and I get my turn to eat, I feed my fat face and drive home. I get in my chair and that's all she wrote! Most times I don't even remember how I got there. It's awesome!!

Something else that is awesome is the views that we have had the pleasure of, well, viewing, on our tour of the Natural State. We wrapped up and put a bow on the tour with Mt. Nebo State Park, Thursday.  Sunset Point is where the local folks gather each and every night. You can most certainly see why.  If that doesn't tell ya that GOD exist, I don't know how else to convince ya. David Bazzel has been so moved to relocate to Mt. Nebo. As a matter of fact he is now known on the mountain 'The Deer Whisperer'.  The man became one with nature. It was incredible to see him approach the deer. One of the deer was sick and Baz was the only one that could recognize it. He prepared a poultice of local vegetation and within 20-30 minutes, the fawn was back to full health, similar to that scene in Star Man. I cried.

 We did The show With no Name on the other side of the mountain at, Sun Rise Point.  I know it's not exactly the wild, but it was as close as I will ever be to deer that are not in summer sausage. Although there are many private homes on Mt. Nebo, there is no hunting because it is a state park for the most part obviously. There goes the summer sausage in that area. The deer are well fed by everyone morning, noon, and night. It really was amazing to do the broadcast atop Mt. Nebo. We had rangers, a county judge, a mayor, and Miss Judy visit with us.  Miss Judy is the Queen of Mt. Nebo. She has been privileged to see 97 of those beautiful sunsets and we were blessed to have her share her experiences with us including, when as a child, her family would travel to the top of the mountain in a wagon. A freakin' wagon!! 

 The majesty of Mt. Nebo helped me conquer many of my fears, from hang gliding, eating flavored worms,(insert own joke here......are ya pleased with yourself) and having a corn snake around my neck! (go ahead and insert here as well....I set myself up with that one)

We had a great time on our tour and if we didn't get you excited about traveling our state and making the last month of your summer vacation a stay-cation and visit our parks, then we should give back the money. (my turn to insert.....hahahahahahaha!!!!) Arkansas Baby!! Take it away Glen......

This morning The Show With No Name was put to a test. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw Tommy Smith called me at just before 5 to say he was finally gonna get to the dentist and take care of his cracked tooth. I was unable to wake David for the first hour and a half that I tried so, I informed RJ that the show must go on and on it did. We had Mark Miller up to tell us about the lifetime warranty on all new Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep  power-trains offered only at Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood. Al Watkins  stopped by to entice me to work the fry table shift from 11-1 for the earlier mentioned Steak Burger Friday. Matt DeCample was bearing gifts upon his visit today. Photos of our time spent at the Governor's Mansion last Fall. There is one of me snapped at just the time I jumped in the Gov's chair when he left the room for a moment. And oh by the way. When Matt left, he took the envelope that the pictures were in and said he would reuse it. How about that! That's what you call good government boy!

 With the beginning of the Olympics and countries setting aside their differences, The Buzz and KARK TV have come together after a long and misunderstood misunderstanding. Yea that's the ticket. The David Bazzel, if you will, of KARK Ch. 4, Jessica Dean stopped in for a chat. Or is David Bazzel the Jessica Dean of The Buzz? Yea you're right. Same thing. To further the relationship, Jessica played a round of Battle of the Sexes.

It's been a long week but a fun one. Join us Monday and Tuesday back in the studio. Then it's 3 days and 2 nights at the Live in for Life. I got a funny feeling about this. Funny scared not funny HAHA!

Last but not even close to least.....Thank You, You, You, You and of course You, for letting us be apart of your day, particularly the mornings. What? Oh like Justin, Pat, Joe, Randy, Rick, Brett Battle, John and Janet, and or especially, Bill Vickery, wouldn't do the same thing if they had their own blog. It doesn't detract from the fact that we thank you.

Talk atcha Monday.

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