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Back In The Saddle

8/6/2012 10:27 AM

 The Show With No Name was without our fearless and sometimes to a fault, leader. The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. Tommy is away on a much needed and deserved vacation with his family in The Redneck Riviera. David and myself did what we could to give you the kind of entertainment that you have come to expect and quite honestly deserve.

 David was not feeling well this morning. He got the stink eye over the weekend. He can't remember when and where. He explained that he did nothing out of the ordinary over the weekend. BOOM! That's it! What David does in his everyday life is out of the ordinary for the rest of us. That didn't keep our favorite number 53 from performing his duties on the program. Baz said that while Tommy was away there would be more positive talk about our beloved Hogs.  There was.   All except for the presser that the current coach, J.L. Smith had over the weekend where he was still kind of yuckin' it up with the media. The comment that caught my attention was the one he made to our very own Bo Mattingly about liking him because he (coach) has more hair than Bo.  As the pictures clearly show the coach is dead on. I hope he is as good a Head Hog as he is at picking out and picking on the bald guys in the audience. Like I said, other than that, we had a lot of Razorback talk this morning. I mean how can you be too negative at this stage of the game, no pun intended, with the season less than a month away. You hear me? That's right! Less than a month until we call those Hogs!  WOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIE!!!!

  We had a little fun too. It's me and Baz right? Next week we travel to Graceland to be a part of Elvis week in Memphis. With that we had The King of Rock & Roll doing movie lines the way they would sound if he, Elvis, auditioned. Pretty good stuff if I say so myself. No audio of that because the folks at Elvis Presley Enterprises said they would sue if I showcased my talent of Elvis mimicry on this here blog.  The Stupid Question of the Day was played though. I have that for ya. Which is nice. 

 Voice of the Travelers, Phil Elson, wanted to give the side he falls on concerning the ump in a minor league game throwing out the organist for playing Three Blind Mice. Yes that happened.  

 UALR AD, Chris Peterson wanted to chime in this morning too. Not about the baseball story. Not about the Trojans or what the coaching staff is up to. He wasn't callin' in to discuss foreign policy either. (That last one I'm glad about) No sirree bobtail kitty kitty moo moo!! Mr. Peterson wanted to take me to task on my western movie appreciation. I still say he is the best dressed and smelling AD in the country. Yea I said. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry!!  

 Sherri Jones dropped in to give the total raised at the American Cancer Society Live in for Life. You did a great job this year thank you. Give yourself a hand. (That's not what I meant  Ballentine and JK) Sherri did a fantastic job hanging in with the slobs that we were and are. She does this all year long. We thank her too.

That's about all I can give ya today. We return tomorrow with Kevin Krause if I remember correctly. Somebody else or other stops by too. Oh yea. It's you! How 'bout that. You like that don't you. Keep it. Talk atcha Tuesday.

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