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War Memorial & Stink Eye

8/7/2012 1:14 PM

Tuesday on The Show With No Name was without one of our own again. No, not The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. We were without for the second week in a row, Harry King.  Harry has been in poor health lately. No word on whether he is being given last rites. It appears Harry playing golf in the extreme heat like we've had lately has knocked him down for a spell. I joke with him every time he is in about being a mean, cantankerous, hateful, tired of being around people, person. Oh he still is but, I wouldn't have it any other way. Get well soon Harry.

Tori Tisdall with, among other businesses, Down Home Catering came by toting food. Healthy food at that. She brought some grilled chicken salad and grilled chicken wraps. I had my share. My that is and was some good stuff. If you want to have good grub catered at your next event call 804-4330. She stayed and played a game of Battle of the Sexes with her partner in crime, Signal Sales Executive Shelley Sain Seitz. Say that 3 times real fast! You did it didn't ya? It's OK. I couldn't either. 

Not only is Tori a great cook that is packing heat, she was a nurse at one time. That's good for us and better for David Bazzel.  She cleaned her hands before attending to Baz. That's 100% more than he does!  We can only hope that this special attention along with the grilled chicken wraps can heal our Razorback before he actually has to wear a patch tomorrow nite at the sold out Football 101 at War Memorial Stadium. That conversation prompted more talk on the various types of eyes. Googly, bug, crazy, wandering, and lazy eye were all mentioned. It appears that David Bazzel is the only one with Stink Eye. But, he even makes that look adorable doesn't he.  

Speaking of War Memorial Stadium.  Stadium Commission Chairman Kevin Crass and War Memorial GM, Charlie Staggs  dropped by to pump up the upcoming season at the Arkansas landmark. We're not just talking Hog games. Don't forget the high school games that we all love to see. The guys are also excited that the new head ASU Red Wolves, Gus Malzahn, wants to showcase his team there soon. Get your Razorback tickets now by calling 1-800-982-H O G S or

Oh brother! I got a sneak peek at the 2012 L.R. Touchdown Club lineup and it is another outstanding group. David has swore me to secrecy and I will not break that trust but, rest assured you will want to see and hear these guys. As a matter of fact, many are folks that you have wanted to speak to and have made comments about on The Show With No Name numerous times. Another job well done for us Hog fans by The Bazmanian Devil! And don't forget if I haven't told you already about the guest that will be in studio or on the phone every day of the week during the season. There will be no time for Mount Rushmore talk or favorite guy name Joe bits thru The Razorback Nations run for the national title!

Tomorrow we have 'Wild Man' Wilson amongst some other peep I'm assuming. so, if you don't listen to The Show With No Name and or The Buzz you have no one to blame for the loss but yourself. Talk atcha Wednesday.

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