The Show With No Name

Guess Who's Back

8/13/2012 1:15 PM

Back by popular demand.........The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, is back from his vacation.  I believe this is the first time that he has been away and nothing major happened along the way. I mean there is always a mishap of some kind that follows him wherever he goes. Not a flat tire, a busted condo water pipe, a lost debit card, nothing! There was the close call of a lost cell phone but, NO! He found it! How 'bout that. So there ya have it. He may be on the right path once and for all. HAHAHAHAHA!! What am I saying. I may have just jinxed him.

 Also making a triumphant return to The Show With No Name, Harry 'Sure I have been gone a couple of weeks because I had heat stroke but don't you think for one minute I have turned over a new leaf from being the crusty old Warlock that you have come to love' King. Looking a little gaunt but, that is to be expected. He is near 80 I think. It was good to have Harry back and just from the way he pulled away from me when I surprise hugged him, he was glad to be back too.

The Show With No Name line-up for the football season is unprecedented in Little Rock radio. Nay! Arkansas radio! Every week we'll have in the studio or on the phone names that you have come to love in times past. With the edition of a couple more marquee personalities. Monday Harry King has the spot..........Tuesday  is all about some Bruce James...........Wednesday  Matt Jones will make his debut on the program...........Thursday  returning for year 3 is Mark May..........Friday.........  Herm Edwards will take us to the weekend! If that don't make you just wanna slap Dez Bryant's mama, I don't know what will!

We are also your Fun and Games station remember. With that being said we are bringing it to ya this week. All week we are giving away Journey concert tickets. They are headlining in October. Also, you and a loved one or if ya prefer, someone ya can't stand, are going away on a Whale of a Weekend to Fitz Casino in Tunica. Since we're going to be at Elvis's crib on Friday, you will have the opportunity to win or qualify 4 times tomorrow on the program alone! That's some fun and games baby, No, make that...........Arkansas Buzz Baby!!

Tomorrow.......I have know idea what we will do even though I just told what was planed. I can tell ya though that chances are great that I screw up one or both of the giveaways. No need to thank me. It's what I do without even trying a little bit.

Talk atcha Tuesday.

P.S...........Thank you for taking the time to straighten out that little thingy Saturday. I owe ya big time. But, you already know that don't ya.

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