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Guess Who's back.....Bruce Is Back

8/21/2012 11:23 AM

The Show With No Name was pleasantly surprised to have back one of it's favorite and most commented on football season guest, Bruce James.  Every Tuesday for the next 13 weeks and if we're lucky, he will come in for a bonus game. Ya follow me? Sure ya do. Bruce once again is sponsored by The Arkansas Federal Credit Union.  AFCU also gives Bruce $103.70 to give away thru a trivia question each appearance. Don't thank me thank them. Call 'em and tell 'em. Seriously.

 Back to Bruce. Mr. James was a Razorback when a Razorback meant something to most folks. Maybe that's because that was all we had or maybe that's because that's all we wanted. Either way he will not hold back on giving his opinion. You gotta love that. He is very compassionate about the Hogs. Isn't that what we all are? Some have said that ol' number 85 is a polarizing figure. So what! That's just makes for good healthy discussions if nothing else. The folks that claim that about the man that played in The Game of the Century in 1969, just don't agree with him because it's not always flattering to the Razorback Blood having Arkansan. I myself may not always agree with everything but, his reach is long enough to grab my neck and shake me like a stubborn booger on your finger.What? Oh please! Grow up! I'm the only.......I mean, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, is the only one that's done that. GROSS! Anyway friends, we are glad to have Bruce back if for nothing more than to signify that it's that time of the year again. Although, he is much more than that. (He's sitting right over there. I'm not that stupid.)  Arkansas Baby!!  

 We discussed Augusta National allowing women to now become members of the club. How nice of the fellas huh. Girl Golfers? Whats next? Female Nascar drivers? Oh yea, I forgot about Dale Jr. Come On Man! Even I won't be a member of that place unless David Bazzel pays my membership fee. But, I guess it's OK with me if they want to. Nobody asked for my thoughts. SNOBS!! Just kiddin' Trey Schap.............Am I?

Tomorrow we get a visit from 'Wild Man' Wilson and Matt Couch.

Next week along with Bruce James and Mark May, we have Razorback hero Matt Jones and NFL talking head Herm Edwards.

Talk atcha Wednesday.

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