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Root Hog and Root Canal

9/5/2012 4:03 PM

 I'm tellin' ya that if you like sports, particularly football, then the Buzz is the place to be this season. More specifically, The Show With No Name. Every single stinkin' day we gotcha covered. And I'm diggin' it baby! In today, as we will every Wednesday, Matt Jones.  It's only the 2nd show with me, (Tommy and David) and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones. (Get it? It's a play off the Billy Paul song) OK. just think about it. Hey! Did you know that Matt likes chicken strips? That's right. That's the kind of hard facts you're gonna get from us each morning. As well as the knowledge that only a guy that played the game can give you too. David Bazzel playing the hunter on one side of the ball and now Matt Jones talking about what it's like being the hunted on the other side.

I'm so excited I got kind of ahead of myself. Let me back up just a hair.  Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson stopped by before anyone this morning. That includes David Bazzel. My buddy Baz is just not getting enough sleep these days and it's becoming harder to wake him up with my 5:30 in the morning calls. In the studio with 'Wild Man' was Randy and Robert speaking about the Foundation Banquet this Friday night at the State House Convention Center.

 Wednesday is also the day we get to speak with the first Matt that stole the hearts of The Show With No Name listeners, Matt 'Big Cat' Couch. Also known these days as The Spielberg of Signal Media. Couch is videoing everything he can as of late and putting it on our web page and facebook. Sure I'm in 75% of them but, that's not why I tell ya this. You never know what he will record. Check it out when you finish here.

 The NFL starts tonight and buddy ruff is it a big one.  THE DALLAS COWBOYS take on  the new york giants in a division game right smack dab at the beginning of the whole thing. I think we chose the teams we thought would win each division in the 2012 campaign. I'm really not sure what that was and the numbness from my root canal is starting to unnumb.

  Glen Travis Campbell will be back in his home state tomorrow night. Christopher Crane and Courtney Pledger were in the studio today giving away tickets to the concert. I want to go but not sure that I will. No it's not because I don't have the money. I'm wondering if the person that wants to take me does. You know what I'm gonna do? I will not go so that if you wanted to, the seat is available. No, no. Your welcome.

Tomorrow Mark May will discuss some college ball and have to give me and my Dallas Cowboys props for the win tonight. Dadgummit! I may have just jinxed 'em.

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