The Show With No Name

Good To Be Home

2/21/2013 10:45 AM

 Day number two back on The Show With No Name, and it's as though I never left. All except for the constant love The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw showed throughout the day that is. Now, he says he is giving me a 3 day grace period and should pick up where we left off in October, next week. And other than the near knock down drag out between myself and Matt 'Big Baby' Travis.  I know right! Anyway, I knew all was right in the world when I said good morning to RJ Hawk a little after 5 this morning and he told me to go do something to myself that may still be illegal in most, most states.

 My sensei, David Bazzel, did not get but an hour of sleep last nite. I told him to try and count something and that should help. He started counting himself jumping over fences and didnt want to go to sleep and miss the ending. WHAT?! He kinda has an excused absence from his senses i guess. How else can I explain the impromptu rasslin' match that went down in the studio.

Speaking of Rasslin' or Wrestling for the high brow crowd, Greg Hatcher, from the PR Firm The Hatcher Agency, was up talking about the high school wrestling championships this weekend.

Some fellers from this weekends Home Show stopped by to make all of us in the studio realize just how inadequate we really are when it comes to floors, roofs, bathtubs, and anything more than putting in light bulbs. Don't even get me started on the difference between the regular and curly fry light bulbs. Baz will be there Friday afternoon so, ask him about his Chinese tub, Lithuanian couch, Martian ceiling fan, and his Alabama.......never mind the last one!

Ashley from Prost, Deep, and or Willy D's came in to invite all of us to the Thursday Nite Bagg-O Tournament and remind us all of the appearance from David Bazzel Friday Night. 

Well, Justin Acri just walked by and told me to start packing my stuff and tell my story walking. So let it be written.........

I'm supposed to have lunch with Frank Fletcher. But, he may not remember or want to get out in this very ugly but, recliner friendly weather we're having.

I'll talk atcha tomorrow. We have a bunch of Oscar talk on tap along with....wait....tomorrow is FRIDAY??!!  BOOM!


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