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Hump Day

2/27/2013 10:13 AM

Sorry I didn't get to the blog yesterday but, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, and I went to the theater and watched Zero Dark 30. The movie was over about 2:30 and I was so fired up that I went to the station to confront Justin about some things and it got kinda ugly. He was released from the hospital in time to have dinner with his family but, he will not be able to play golf for a month.

 Also, yesterday we did the Show With No Name LIVE from Rollin' Wrapz in North Little Rock. Evan Dietz and his staff are the go to place for 'wraps' and tint for that matter. The crew tinted my car and wrapped the hood before the end of the program and it looks great!  I know that I'm probably coming off a a little biased and a ton self serving but, there's no other way to describe the work done.  

Today I managed to stir the pot and stimulate the mind. Not with my vast knowledge of football and the NFL Combine 40 results. Not with the way that I speak on the subject of the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers problems. OH No My Friend! It was my opinion of our countries current health care crisis. I know we are not a political show. We are a sports program. So lets be honest about one thing for sure. And that is that we talk about everything. Shoot fire people. If someone doesn't agree with you about everything, you immediately want to kill that person! Yea that's right. Death Threats! That's why I will no longer give my opinion about anything any longer. Well, other than LSU sucks! Maybe, occasionally, throw out there that the only good thing to come out of Alabama was the deceased body of Arkansan Paul 'Bear' Bryant! No....wait...he's buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham. OK scratch that then. Sometimes, I may have to tell ya how much a former coach that left us stinks if he succeeds at another school but, that's it. There is also the chance that I may have to remark about the horrible treatment given to our players on the road in the SEC. But, I will not be told that I have to agree with human trafficking! NO! And I will not live in a world where the abuse of kittens by underground cat juggling factions is tolerated. I can't look the other way! I won't look the other way!

Getting off the soap box an on to what else we discussed on the show. Alot! The 500 top Rock and Roll songs of all time. Number 1....Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. The 2013 Buzz Babe Bracket is up for debate. RJ Hawk says that the most popular girl in the world right now is Kathrine Webb. Katherine is the chick that Brent Musburger said was hot during the BCS National Football Championship. She's dating Alabama QB AJ McCarron. Well, it's gonna be another tough battle regardless. My money is on Katy Perry and or Jennifer Aniston. Yea that's right.

 Matt Couch was in and was his usual charming and funny self. That guy knows how to make me laugh more than anybody. He sucks at playing Match Game though!. Just kidding. Or am I?

That's enough for today I think. I'm sure that if I stayed on here long enough that I might say something to offend Bin Laden lovers. Of course old Binny Laden never quarterbacked the Hogs so, I think I'm safe in saying he sucked! Or am I?

Tomorrow we are LIVE and on location in Sherwood. Yes Sir! Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Come get you some!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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