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No Hogs For You!

3/6/2013 10:06 AM

 The Show With No Name took a respite from discussing the game last night between the Missouri Tigers and our Arkansas Razorbacks. Because really, was it a game? Was that the Razorbacks? Was that a D-1 team? Was that a men's team? HOLY ****!!! What is the world coming to Junior?! Now, I have never been mistaken for a basketball player, let alone an athlete, but, I do know that it is unbefreakinlievable that this program, not just this team, but this program has not won but about 5 SEC road wins in 5 years! 5 in 5!!! It's a dadgum Subway commercial!  

 Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson made a visit to the program this morning. He had a couple folks in to talk about fish. One was concerning the tournament coming up and the other was about a way the college bound kid in your house can help you fray the cost of tuition by drawing pictures of fish. Yea that's right! So get on the stick and check out for all the details.

 One of the guest today helped us get away from the Hawg Ball talk. The Trainer to the Stars, Andrea Sayer was in studio this morning. She made herself available for a wide range of questions about women, single and married. And you know that between The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, and RJ Hawk, there was the possibility that it could get a little dicey. It did! I left the discussion after I asked her my questions about the church she attends and her favorite Bible verse. I was NOT gonna listen to one more question about fantasies and such. Gross!

 The guys from Cajun Noodle fed our faces this morning. Mike, the owner, and John, the cook, brought us crawfish and some of their gourmet burgers. I'm not sure what sandwich the other fellas had but, I had the smoked pork. Awesome stuff bro! Tommy and Hawk may have been the only ones that had the mudbugs. Honestly I have never acquired a taste for the things. That, and the fact that I don't know how to open 'em up and suck the tail and bite the head or is it the other way around, or is it something completely different from that too?! Well' if ya find your self wanting some or the other half of the menu, Italian, head out to Lonoke and tell 'em The Show With No Name sentcha.

We had a good guy named Dale Barnes with us as well today in the studio. He actually paid some serious money dedicated to a charity to come sit in with us and a couple of the other shows throughout the morning. I really think just ours and The Zone come to think about it. Overtime didn't exist yet so, there ya go. He did learn, as does so many, that the really, really serious conversations happen during a commercial break. That's also another time that I leave the studio 'cause I just can't put up with all the potty mouths! And more often than not it's the chick type ladies that do the most potty mouthing, if you will. Gross!

Have a great rest of your day.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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