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Well It's Monday

3/11/2013 2:27 PM

 The Show With No Name did what we could to catch ya up on what happened over the weekend and what was important enough for us to tell ya about today in sports. The UALR and ASU men's basketball teams gave it the old college try in the Sun Belt Tournament in Hot Springs. I don't even know if the ASU Lady Wolves were in the tourney. Surely they were. Yea of course they played in it. Well, in any case the only team from Arkansas still playing in the Hot Water City, Mob Town, my Home Town, is The UALR Lady Trojans.  For the 5th year in a row, Joe Foley has his team in the championship game. As I'm writing this. the Trojans are down 4 points with 14.8 seconds left in the game.

We also talked about NASCAR, the Razorbacks baseball team winning a couple, the Hog men basketball team beating Texas A&M, and the Razorback Track and Field team winning another National Championship. You know the sad part is that we, speaking for myself and everyone else I know, is that we don't give enough credit and applause for the achievement of that multiple, multiple, championship team!!  Shame on you Hog fans that I know that don't give the proper respect to the Razorback Track & Field Champions! I know that we all love football, basketball, and to some degree baseball. But come the freak on! We don't have enough to cheer about with the mighty 3 this year and even if we had had a good to better than good season with those teams, it should not take away from the fact that those fellas of the Track & Field team WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE! Congratulations Hogs!!!!

You know what? Thanks for asking. I'm not gonna report on any of the other sports that we discussed. Nothing else state wide or national can match that victory.

I'm going to get ready for the Buzz Combine. I'm going head to head with RJ Hawk in the 40. I have it by a reliable source that he is going to get a shot of juice before the race. RJ has to get that little edge against and outta shape, 49 year old, smoker! Shame on him. But, I got in his head and if his Forrest Gump leg braces don't shatter and he can get that club foot turned in the right direction, it could be a tight race. That's what she said. Does that even work there? Doesn't matter really I reckon. But, after I destroy him, I will pick up David at the hospital, take him to get some tater tots, bath him, put him to bed, and then work the night shift at the Elderly Orphanage Home. It's puddin' night. You're welcome!

Talk atcha tomorrow mornin'.

p.s.................the Lady Trojans lost.................

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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