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Well The Race Is On

3/12/2013 1:49 PM

 The Buzz Combine was held yesterday at D-1 and it was a tremendous success! I guess that all depends on who ya ask. Derrell 'Headband' Young and Justin 'Green Mile' Acri tied but, won. What I mean by that is, they each dominated the events that was tailored to them. The vertical jump and 40 were all Headband. Justin was the obvious choice to win the weight lifting. The boy is just strong as a bull. A short, stocky, neck-less, bull! Trey 'Sand Trap' Schaap was not feeling very well so his 40 time and vertical may appear to be that of Honey Boo Boo's mama but did win the football toss! RJ Hawk is the most devastated. Chris Kane from KATV Daybreak is one of RJ's best friends. Chris found RJ outside wanting to injure himself. RJ was lying in front of his own truck wanting to be run over. Only when Kane informed RJ that its his truck, did RJ get up, go back inside and have a soda. Disaster averted. What had our young MR. Hawk in such a foul mood, was the fact that the best he could do against me, a warp, frustrated, 49 year old man that smokes, and has a foot deformity most common in women that wear high heels, is a tie. Yessiree! We both ran a 5.66 40 yard dash. BOOOM! Now, I didn't do the other events because I had to go get David at the hospital. While I was there I was put on oxygen! 

The big topic of the morning was The Babe Bracket. The seeding of the national one specifically. That is the one that Mr. Hawk and I are responsible for managing. We don't take the chore lightly. That was so obvious with the disagreement over the likes of Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, and Kristen Wiig being in and out of the tourney. And please, no matter what ya do, don't get me started on Rhonda Rousey. Huh? Rhonda Rousey. Exactly!!

Scott Davis came in for his weekly or bi-weekly health chat. His a nice man and from all accounts, a good doctor. No I don't get free medical for saying that. That's not even possible. Is it? No really is it? BAAAAAAZZZZELLLLL!!

Gilbert Gottfried and Tigerbait were both on the program this morning. You know them both don't cha? Gottfried is the comedian that has that annoying voice and did the Aflac duck spots until he made ill timed tsunami jokes. And Tigerbait is just ANNOYING!!!! You saw that coming didn't ya. Well it's true and you know it. Listen, I know annoying. I've been called it so, it takes one to know one. No....wait!

OK, that's gonna do it. Tomorrow we have the Best of Hot Springs to warm us up for the trip down to Oaklawn on Thursday. We will also welcome the Governor of The Natural State, Mike Beebe in studio.

Talk atcha in the morning.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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