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Couple Thangs

3/14/2013 1:58 PM

The Show With No Name has been a blur the last two days. I know, I know. You can say that about the program often I'm sure but, yesterday we had the Governor of the state of Arkansas on the show and it was brought to my attention that before I write the blog, he has to have his staff's approval before it's made public.  That was just fine with me because, I needed time to get things together for the drive down to Hot Springs for the show at Oaklawn today. The man is such a nice guy. But, I say that about everyone that's nice to me. He did welcome me back to The Show With No Name and offered to make a Roger Scott is Back on The Buzz Day next week. I told him that was nice and although I would love it, that I think the public might think that's a waste of state funds. So he just gave me the money that he would have allocated for the event and I deposited $42,000.00 tax free into my Regions bank account before I headed to my hometown Wednesday afternoon. How cool was that!  

Now that I think about it, I need to go put some in my wife's account. So now I want to wrap this up before the banks close. We had a great time in Hot Springs. Starting off with a visit with Paul Chmura, Brian Mcrae, and Jamal and Sham at the Italian Villa for dinner before calling it a night and settling down in our prospective condos, compliments of Hot Springs Vacation Rentals. I opted to stay at the Willow Beach Motel on the lake. It's where Paul puts up most of the Oaklawn jockeys. I walked out onto my rooms patio to smoke and came across a couple of jockeys in from Maryland. I told them that I was one too. They didn't find that to hard to believe strangely enough. Although I towered over the fellas and carried about 50-70 more pounds than them, I told them that the track was gonna start racing Clydesdales. 

Oh yea a cool thing that Paul sent me was a video of Hot Springs made back in the 30's I think it said. Check it out. Notice like the clothes that are worn while the folks were out on the lake. Ties! The guys were wearing jackets and ties! Also, note the absence of condos on the shore. Neat stuff if'n ya like that sort of historical/archival footage. 

Tomorrow we are broadcasting LIVE from The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw's current town of residency, Cabot. It's the Epoch Men's Health golf tourney at Greystone.

Talk atcha in the mornin'.  

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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