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3/18/2013 2:47 PM

 Picking up this morning right where we left off Friday, at a celebrity golf tournament. Well, kinda. Today at Rebsamen Golf Course, Reggie Swinton had the likes of UCA head basketball coach Corliss Williamson, coach for the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences boys basketball team in Memphis, Tennessee, Todd Day, and CBS college football analyst, Houston Dale Nutt. Ever heard of 'em? Now on Friday the big celeb was, well, me! Yea that's right! I said it. Let The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, Barry Brandt, and or, Chris Kane, write their own blog and they can vote for whom they want. Oh I'm supposed to be bigger than that? You know it's gettin' kinda old having to take the high road all the time. I want to dirty it up from time ta time too ya know. How 'bout the folks that continue to take the low road be slapped around and told to straighten up?! WAIT! I nearly crawled in the bitter baby box and couldn't get out. And sooo close to Easter. Right there is probably as good a spot to stop as any I reckon. I have to go light a candle.

Tomorrow, we are back in the studio for The Show With No Name. Then, we head to Jim's Razorback Pizza for the unveiling of The 2013 Buzz Babe Bracket. That event coincides with the RJ Hawk hosted, Justin Acri absent, The Zone, from same said location. Should be a hoot! Then again, there is a 34% chance that a major catastrophe may occur.

Talk atcha in the mornin'.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank you for listening and making The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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