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Wild Wednesday

4/3/2013 12:30 PM

 The Show With No Name walked and talked our way thru a Wednesday morning with a host of guest and material. It happened to be the birthday of some of our favorite singers. Tony Orlando, Wayne Newton, and Doris Day. OK. Truth be told, we didn't play her but, I mentioned it. It seemed to go unnoticed. Unnoticed that is until we came to a commercial break. It was then that I was pulled aside by one of my best friend co-workers in crime and told that he used to sing the Doris Day song to himself in his parents bedroom dresser mirror. I started to get a little nervous 'cause I saw that look in his eyes and didn't even wash my hands as I hurried out of the bathroom. Anyway, you can't have a bad day when ya start off with that kinda music early in the morning.

 Wild Man brought a friend with him today. Laura Rodgers is a South Arkansas rep for the Game and Fish that gets her pay teaching our youngsters about conservation. She is on the look out for the 11th grade high school student in your house that may want to have a career in the same said such field.

 Matt 'I'm in a higher tax brackett beacause I have people that work for ME now' Couch did what he does best this morning. He made me laugh. Honestly, he does more than that. And his new income has not changed him at all. He works his butt off for the company and earns all he gets and makes me laugh. He also, in my humble but educated opinion, is part of the fastest hour in radio. Everyweek his time goes by so quickly that I have to spend a little more time with him after his segment. It's usually in the smokinhg area. 'Big Cat' Couch told all that is upcoming with The Buzz. We were able to play a couple games of Match Game. OH! And while Matt was in studio we had a discussion on nicknames. Specifically baseball players but, nonetheless nicknames. Matt said that the best nickname he ever heard was for a dude he knew in high school. I won't give his real name but, he was called 'Old Milk and Doritos".

Tomorrow it is Beat the Baz Day and the finals in The Jim's Razorback Pizza 2013 Buzz Babe Bracket. It's  Jessica Alba versus  Kate Upton. I don't want to appear biased but, I think this may be a walk!!!! Of course, I also thought a week ago that the head b-ball coach at Rutgers, Mike Rice, would be a great guy to adopt a pet!

Talk atcha Thursday.  

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!




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