The Show With No Name

Mundane Monday

4/8/2013 2:31 PM

I know you may find this hard to believe but, The Show With No Name was not particularly special today. I know right. I said you may find that difficult to grasp, since we bring it to you every morning  of the work week. I guess I may be being a little hard on us. Of course the morning show at 60-69% is better than the rest that you have to choose from at 100%. Now that's not a statement just off the top of my head. It's science. You can pull those numbers from any library file cabinet that still utilizes the Dewey Decimal System.

 Harry King was in the studio this morning and feeling a little more ornery than usual. But, it was easy to calm him down with some talk of the upcoming Masters, which he will be attending. He also said he would bring me back something and I could pay him when he returns. I think that is awesome! I mean lets be honest. Harry is getting on up there and if the Good LORD wants to give Harry the ultimate gift before the Ultimate Gift that is, it would be for Harry's heart to explode on the course at The Masters. I don't want anything to happen to Harry believe me. But. I wouldn't want to have to go up to his family during the service and ask them to give me the 4 bucks that I gave him to bring me back something. That would really be awkward and put me in a tough situation that wouldn't be fair. Good Have a great time Harry.

We talked about the National Title too this morning. I mean, Hello? We are a sports station ya know. We all think it's Louisville that will be champs. That being said, you better put some money on Michigan.

It was also fun for us to talk about our favorite cereal as a kid. As a kid my butt!! I still eat cereal. I can only eat it on the weekend though. The milk makes it difficult......I mean I have a hard time....I love Foot Loops!!!

The Artist Formerly Know As The Outlaw Tommy Smith and I played 18 at Rebsamen after the show. Now that I'm done with that I need to change to get to the gym with Justin Acri. I have to do as much as I can today. I had a bowl of cereal last night before bed!

Talk atcha Tuesday

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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