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Spa Day

5/9/2013 12:11 PM

 The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location today at Ava Bella Day Spa in The Westchase Shopping Center on N. Shackleford. And Boy Oh Boy did I need to be there. Out of the 1000 plus days that I have been Blessed to work with The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith and one of a small few Razorback legends to play in a bowl game their entire career, David Bazzel , at The Buzz, I have been late twice. The second happened today. What a horrible feeling it is to get up as early as we do and still be late. Well, that feeling of trying to catch up was wiped away with my day at the spa.  I got started with a pedicure from Andi. She did a marvelous job. I love getting my feet massaged. But, when she put that skin file on my rough spots, I just couldn't stop laughing! It hurts soooo good! Then Lauren gave out the ultimate massage. The Thai massage. It is marvelous baby bubba let me tell ya. I knew it was gonna be a good thing when she gave me my Karate pants. Or Gi if'n ya prefer.  Once I had those things on, It Was On!  She pushed on, tugged at, twisted, thrusted, bent, and busted, my whole body. And I dug that stuff man.  Even my buddy David Bazzel was a little jealous of my pampering.  Now he had surgery a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get the same treatment as me. Lauren knew she could pull his arm out so, she took it easy on our Bionic Baz. But that didn't stop him from wanting it. I guarantee he is out by some of the Gi pants now. Heck I'm gonna myself. They are very comfortable. And brothers and sisters they have plenty of room.  The Artist got his old stand by, the manicure. He loves those things. He said it's like getting new skin. Also said that when he rubs his face it feels like it's someone else doing it. I'm not sure what that means. Frightened me quite honestly. And I'm a freak in my own way. Oh well. Live and let Live I always say. No I do say that a lot.

 Tori from Down Home Catering fed us. Melinda Mayo, Tim Jackson, Kime Eubanks, Reggie Nelson, and a bunch of other folks and friends, stopped by and said hi and spent the $100.00 to get the Mother in their life a great deal on a massage. Actually, I think that hundred bucks was for much more than just the rub down. Still think ya oughta get that Thai one for dang sure. Of course our good friend DeWain Duncan stopped by and took all the fantastic pictures. 

Look it's not rocket science. But do your mom, wife, sister, or daughter a favor while making it easy on yourself. Go to Ava Bella and pick up a gift card. Or even easier, go online

 Thank you DeeDee and great staff at Ava Bella!

Tonight I'm at Cajuns Wharf with RJ Hawk and then I catch up with The Artist and the Bionic Baz in Russellville. It's the wrap up of The Biscuits and Gravely Tour at Carr's Chain Reaction.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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