The Show With No Name

And We're Back!

5/20/2013 1:42 PM

The Show With No Name was all back in the studio this morning. Well, other than RJ Hawk being out to cover the Overtime show. And not having Harry King in on a Monday. So, I guess we weren't all back then. Forget I said that 'cause I'm too far ahead to start this here blog all over. It's been a day or two since I last wrote some writin' to ya. The station had the 9th Annual Buzz B Q and David and I spent a couple 3 days on the beeches of Gulf Shores.  Orange Beech, Alabama to be exact. It's gonna take the rest of the week for me to tell ya everything that happened and clean up some of the stories so they can be told. And then I'm not even gonna tell those. There are lives at stake here. I went para-sailing and the fella I went up with, Chato, a daybreak cameraman, knows more stories about me now than my wife and AA sponsor do. Look it was real high and I'm not the best swimmer. Para-sailing is not on my bucket list twice. Oh I'm glad I did it. But, not because I just wanted to. It's only 'cause The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith would have beat me up and down the dial worse than the beaten the Canadian screwin' up the National Anthem got on Twitter if I hadn't. Yea I succumb to peer pressure. Why else would I have gotten a piercing in.........around..........near the.....I got a piercing OK! Oh and my other buddy pal David Bazzel wouldn't have been able to help me because he was too busy laughing at my John Daly Loud-Mouth attire. And because of aaaaaalllllllll that, Chato knows a couple secrets about The Artist and Baz too!!!! We had a great time and hope we get another chance, another time, to spend with our Daybreak friends.

More about our road trip back and what David Bazzel talks about in his sleep. Oh, and he sleeps with his eyes open. I assume it's so he can be the first one to see his glorious self upon waking up.

 We had the Buzz B Q this past Saturday and it was a tremendous success! No I don't judge that buy the number of booths set up or the tickets sold. NO! I judge it by the amount of times I can successfully make it around the Mid-Way, if you will, on my Gravely. And brother it was kinda bittersweet. I was able to give the kiddies rides but, only a few times because it was soooo crowded.  Granted it was a 72" Diesel and cuts a pretty wide swath but, the crowd was out and we thank all of you, and you, and you, and even JK for coming out. Although that knuckle head, JK, did get right in my path of the mower. Yea I thought about it but, I saw how fat OJ Simpson had become in prison and didn't want to pack it on! Especially since I have been in the gym workin' hard to give ya the best I got. Have ya seen the billboard on the 30 river bridge? Booooom! You're Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! More pics from the event and the previous adventure are being loaded on to the web page and Facebook of the station that we all have come to love, The Buzz 103.7 Baby!

This is gonna be a busy week. Actually the Summer is packed with all kinds of remotes, fun, and frolicking. Starting this week alone we will be at Cajuns on Thursday, the Wally Hall Softball Tourney in J-Ville on Saturday, and a pooch parade at Riverfest on Sunday! What a country!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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