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5/23/2013 1:37 PM

 The Show With No Name was fun & games this Thursday. Now, of course that's what you've come to expect from the only morning show team with 80 plus years in the market, let alone the business in this here state. That may or may not be a good number but, I'm saying it's real close. No, the fun & games that I reference refers to the games of Beat the Baz, Tommy's Jukebox from Hell, and Dead or Alive. That last one did one of The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smiths favorite things. It ate up almost an hour of the show. The game is where I give you.................Ya know what........If ya don't know ya won't know. Anyway, I wanted it to last a little longer than normal so I thought by having you get four correct would be better than just 3. I also suggested that people on hold turn down the radio so they couldn't hear names if I used them again. I bet at least one did turn down the radio. Shoot probably more than that because the game lasted as long as it did. Well, I even repeated several names and that didn't speed up things. Although I was cool with it I could tell, no I could hear, in The Artist's voice that he was ready for it to end. He may have felt the pressure to have the game wrap up by the way one H. David Bazzel was laughing at us so hard!! It finally ended when a caller was feeling sorry for everybody that had to listen on the radio he gave a couple 2 or 3 or 4 names and got a prize and got the H*** outta there. I'm really not sure what he said or how many names he mentioned but, we were gettin' ready to go to the final break of the 6 o'clock hour so it worked out just fine.

The Artist threw out his Jukebox from Hell clues and we were off with another game. And, it being Thursday we had to get a round or 3 of Beat the Baz in too. Baz nearly passed out after he beat the counter top with his injured shoulder but, like he did one season with the Razorbacks when he played with all the toes on his left foot severed from a car washing accident, he battled thru it like the champion he is. And yes he had the toes all reattached after the '85 season. Only problem is, you guessed it, the toes were put on backwards. Baz had it corrected a few years later. All except the pinky toe. It didn't make the second surgery and is on display in the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame.  Thank you for being my friend and an Arkansas Razorback David Bazzel!

The folks from Cabot golf course Greystone were up to talk about a tourney on June 1 supporting the families of American service men and women who are a little financially strapped. Good for them! And shame on us, the U.S. government, for not providing these people with a little more than they are obviously getting. But, we will pay the family of the terrorist that set off the bomb at the Boston Marathon with enough welfare and college aid money. Hmmm. WTF!!!! GOD bless the folks who have organized the 2013 Arkansas Salutes The Troops golf tournament. For info on what you can do to help or get a team together, call Angela Rogers at 501-835-3399 or

I'm a little worked up right now so I better go outside and take a shower. Besides, I need to gather myself before headin' over to Cajuns from 5-7 tonight for The Big Swinging Deck Party with Robert James Hawk.

Tomorrow we broadcast from the River Market kickin' off the 2013 Riverfest, festivities. Join us then won't cha.

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station!

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