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The Heat Is On

6/28/2013 4:16 PM

 The Heat is definitely on. Well, it is a little more than a week into SUMMER!!! It may not officially be 100 degrees out there right now but, it's as close to a hundred without being a hundred but having a hundred plus heat index heat. That being said, I will not be able to stick around on this here blog very long. Oh not because it's hot and I'm doing anything that will change the future of America in the next 12 hours but, because it's Friday. A T.G.I.M.F.F. Friday to be more emphatic! And to throw it one step further, it's the last Friday of the month. Yep. That means that The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location in Sherwood, Arkansas at Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep.  The heat was put on Mark Miller early this morning when Frank walked in and realized that had not put any incentives out there for youse or someone youse may know to purchase a car today and or tomorrow. What was it now......$1000.00 over the book value of your trade in.......big screen TV.....uh....lifetime warranty and 5 year maintenance! The look on Mark's face when Frank Fletcher does that stuff is worth the drive to the car lot to see that alone. 

 David and I differed a little on how we think our public officials should be. I said they should buy their own coffee and have to deal with medical issues like the rest of us. Baz said he bet I wouldn't say that to any of them to their face. He is right. Baz is always right! I'm no fool. I'm not articulate enough to express that without offending them and I do want to keep as many as I can in my pocket. Now that's the American way! And before ya get upset, I don't have a bunch of politicians in my pocket.

 The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith has had a major occurrence this week. No it has nothing to do with the bump he had removed where the sun don't shine. That happened yesterday. If you were listening this morning you heard him say exactly where that growth was and I ain't sayin'! No, this big thing happened after the show. The Artist has an IPhone! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! That's right. The man that has female dogged at me for always being on mine, may very well have to eat those words (not very likely) when he discovers how clear the video component is. Why is that part of the phone what I believe he would really enjoy using? Well, I call him The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw not The Artist Formerly Known As The Guy That Don't Have The Outlaw Still Lurking Around!!

Again, not a bunch of politicians.

Have a blessed weekend will ya!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station

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