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Happy Trails

7/10/2013 2:19 PM

The Show With No Name spent the last night and morning of our 2013 Natural State Parks Tour in Wynne, Arkansas. Wynne.....population.....8,615 13 years ago. More specifically we spent our time in the states largest state park.....Village Creek State Park..............and Crowley's Ridge............population,,,,,,,,,,,10,000 plus bugs, gnat, skeeters, and other crap that got in my mouth and hair trying to get in Cabin 6......SAAAAAAAALUTE!!!!!

The hospitality shown to us has been wonderful throughout our tour and did not slack up at Village Creek. Thank you to Ranger/Superintendent Vicki. She made sure that we had all we needed and wanted. Now, she did give the O K at  putting juice and a few snacks in our cabins and even served us breakfast burritos. No she did. Thawed them, heated them, and served them on a plate! I'm sure us being big time radio celebs with such tremendous power of persuasion or guys that are buddy buddy with the sitting governor, Mike Beebe, had nothing to do with it. And don't get me started on the golf course GM, Jesse Weeks. Had dinner for us at supper time yesterday and wanted to give us lunch today too but, H. David Bazzel had to make it back for a meeting or 5 by 2 pm. The golf course is just a gorgeous looking course and if ya like playing , and a ton do judging by the group that was teeing off this morning, the highway is open and ya can make it up in less than 2 hours. You will not regret that decision. And if ya do, you just tell Jesse and them to put the bill on the account of The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smiths. Or use the name, David Bazzel because he just made close to 2 million dollars for the right to have The Broyles Award along with, The Boot, in E A Sports NCAA College Football 2014. By the way, congratulations on yet another success story coming out of the offices of Fourth Quarter Production Mr. Baz! Do not mention RJ Hawk though, for he is strapped because he just spent money on a Pro Shop golf shirt. And just being honest, even at employee discount, can set ya back a little. Thank goodness David Bazzel just gave him the video game. And please don't even ask me. I'm always broke and borrowing money from anyone that hadn't talked to the last person that helped me out with a buck or two.

It is a park that is outta the way in that there are no TVs in the bedrooms or WI-FI. Of course that tells us that we are not expected to spend valuable away time inside watching Dr. Phil or playing David Bazzels new windfall on X-Box. The parts of my heritage that incompasses keen observation skills came in very handy when noticing that. I also picked up on the tracks of indigenous wildlife that inhabit the areas within a 25 mile radius of any given cabin, berries and leaves that are edible in case I'm locked out of the cabin and RJ forgets the direction used in pushing and pulling of doors, and the washable chalk outline of hopscotch and foursquare details to me that children of the cornucopia have enjoyed the fresh air of the great outdoors in and around the Land of Opportunity.

A wonderful day just got more wonderfulerer when a little bird tweeted out that the much anticipated debate of him and it on The Show With No no more. At least on Thursday morning. It seems that one of the fellas..........well, I will not speculate. I just feel like singing!!

The sun'll come out your....(come on join in with me) bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun......TOMORROW.....TOMORROW...I'LL LOVE YA TOMORROW........TOMORROWS JUST A DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station

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