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Talkin' 'Bout Friday!!

7/12/2013 6:15 PM

Oh baby is it good to see ya Friday. I mean it should be obvious if for nothing else because I didnt start writing this here blog until 6 pm! No, not because I was out playing golf as I did yesterday, or at The Butcher Shop for Steak Burger Friday as I was today. Nor was I at all trying to play the role of mediator between Justin and Michael. I was shocked to even be asked to step in and try to help. So I did what I like doing best.....Searching my DVR for stuff that I forgot that I recorded and things I know I did but haven't had the chance to see because we have been on the road alot the past 8 weeks. What?! Oh I'm the only one that finds joy in that? I'm one of only a few that will admit it I'm sure of that. It has been a stressful last couple of days with the wrappin' up of the state parks tour and near shut down the entire Signal Media Network! Fortunately The Show With No Name has The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith and The Footballer Currently Known As The Bazzelhoff to give us some Beat the Baz to try and captivate the listening audience to stay with us and not go down the dial and squint thier ears to try and listen to another station. Totally a dangerous move while you are driving! Not my words. That's science.

Adam Richman of Man vs Food fame has a new show starting this Sunday on the Travel Channel, Fandemonium. We spoke with him about that and the last time he was down our way. That was when he profiled our buddy, Buddy from The Mean Pig in Cabot. The relationship with Adam and Buddy is strong to this day. Buddy has been filling Adam's request to send some of The Mean Pig 'que all over the place to include Hollywood, California and late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. No word if Edward Snowden has wanted any. Too soon? Too stupid? Fine!

No one ever told us what the appendix is really good for and if'n in fact they did I didn't hear it 'cause I was too focused on finding out what really is the minced meat that makes up our All American food like substance, Fish Sticks!

Ok I gotta really go now. I just spotted a movie I haven't seen................'Pitch Perfect'............What?! Female A-cappella!! SCORE!!

Have a great weekend!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station

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