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Football All Around

7/19/2013 3:18 PM

The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location in the Capital City. Just about a half a mile or so from the campus of UALR. OK I won't make ya guess anymore. Fletcher KIA is where we set up shop this morning. And we had David Bazzel back on board too. As a matter of fact, we were Razorback football player heavy. As I said, David Bazzel was in the building and we were joined by the two newest members of the Fletcher family, Anthony Lucas and JUJU Harshaw. JUJU was hired by Frank Fletcher for his expertise of the KIA line of automobiles with 10 plus years in sales. Anthony will be the new face of Fletcher KIA in print and on TV.  Put those three Hogs together with The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith and you have a full meal of more testosterone than there is during Testosterone Tuesday at Epoch Mens Health Clinic. Or just to be fair, the other place in North Little Rock. Oh my goodness! Toss in a side salad of Frank Fletcher himself and you won't eat for days! You can always count on Frank to sweeten the already sticky sweet deal at any of his car lots and today at Fletcher KIA was no an exception. His manager Jonathan was already giving away a 50 in TV, sales tax paid, and deferred payment for 90 days if you bought a new vehicle by the end of this weekend. Then F.F. went and invited his friend Percy 'When A Man loves a Woman' Sledge to play for 100 of his closest friends that buy a new vehicle before the month of July ends. Yep. Right there in the showroom of the Fletcher KIA.

We did discuss more SEC football and of course Razorback football with the fellas and all. I mean how could we not right. Not very much pop culture went into todays show. Oh and we talked about The Open. The British Open. Tiger was all even. Arkansas boy and Justin Acri pal Ken Duke was right there too. Other than the equipment giving us a little hiccup every now and again it was a smooth show. I didn't say it was a great show but, compared to what else is out there it was Rocket Science.

I didn't give ya yesterdays blog because I was halfway or more thru and I attempted to open another window and was too quick apparently 'cause I lost my blog work. If that doesn't make any sense to ya that's OK. I hardly understand it anyway. If'n you do follow what happened to me then why are you reading this and not curing some form of cancer?!

Briefly tho about yesterday. We had a lively discussion about rules. It all started with comments made at The SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama with the coach from the Arkansas Razorbacks, Bret Bielema and the former coach of the Arkansas State RedWolves that convinced me he had more character and integrity than he actually had concerning his tenure as head man in Jonesboro, Gus Mal-A-Zahn. Oh well lets see. Accept a job for a couple three million dollars or hurt Roger Scott's feelings.........Security for the rest of his life or Roger Scott might not like the decision.................Top off all his cars gas tanks with 93 octane or more than likely higher priced diesel and not give a rats hairy little rodent a** about what Roger.....Roger....Roger Whoever thinks...WAR EAGLE!!!

David Bazzel was there and gave us the opportunity to speak with the head of officiating Steve shaw and the head of all things SEC, Mike Slive. I think the best conversation we had may have been with the new head of the RedWolves Bryan Harsin. He seems like a likeable guy. What that has to do with coaching I don't know. But he does come to The Arkansas State University with a pretty impressive resume'. Boise State where he was the offensive coordinator that called the winning Statue of Liberty play that beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. That was probably the reason that the University of Texas picked him up a couple years later to be their OC/OB coach. Well he didn't stay there but for a year and now he wants to be the third coach in three years to lead the Red Wolves to a bowl game. And you know that he will accept a more prestigious head coaching gig if offered after the end of what would need to be that postseason bound season in the town that is just about 10-15 minutes or so from Goobertown, Arkansas.............SAAAAAAALUTE!!

The other testosterone in NLR is Encore that's it. Encore. I knew I would remember it before I finished.

I almost forgot this guy............. That's a $300.00 hat! you catch that too? Where is his buddies? His dad? Roll Tide!

Have a great weekend!





Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station

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