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Birth..Death..And Redneck Capital

7/23/2013 12:41 PM

The Show With No Name celebrated, along with the rest of the free world to include parts of Saline County, the birth of the baby. The Baby With No Name as he has been so named. This of course is the child of William and Kate.  Why are we so fascinated with the Royal Family. This baby is part of the bloodline that at one time ruled the colonies and waged a war against the infant baby America. We give those people all our love and attention when our very own American Royal Family, Kim and Kanye, are having to employ body doubles for themselves and baby North for fear of harassment and far worse, kidnapping. Shame on us U.S.!

That led The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith to start asking for David, me, and you to help make a list of the Top Birth of All Time. No doubt no birth is, was, or ever will be greater than the arrival of Our LORD JESUS. The consensus was that the biggest ones since have been William by Lady Diana, Anna Nicole Smith having her little girl, and baby North of Kim and Kanye. WTFREAK!!!!!! Thank goodness that topic will not come back up for awhile. It's sad that we have only that to throw out there. Deaths list had more legs. I think the anticipation of adding to the Biggest and Best Death list was really what kept things going. The name Tiger Bait is at the tip top of that one. Now don't get mad at me! I'm just reporting it and I in no way am advocating or hoping for any such thing. The jerks who throw their trash out of their windows in my yard is on that list though. As well as cruelty to animal people and the buzzard that has just set up shop in my neighbors yard. How the H**L does a buzzard stay in your yard?!

We played a new game today. Actually it's an old radio game type thing. The Phrase That Pays! Hey Everybody!...........And we're back!! We may never play it again but, we did today and Ashley won. The Phrase That Pays was............Cheap Whiff..........

It's that time of year again..............The naming of the Redneck Capital of the State of Arkansas! WOOHOO!! LePanto, White Hall, and Macon had the most mentions. I don't think they will get the nod but, ya can't be crowned if ya ain't on the runway. Good Luck!

Danny Joe-Crofford was in the house with us and brought along Robert Hesse. Robert is involved with the Drum Corps International. War Memorial will be filled with the sweet sound of horns and drums tomorrow nite. If ya wanna go give DJC a call at the stadium. That's the only way that comes to my mind if'n ya want to attend. I do not have that number or an email address or even a website to look up the info. I can't do everything for you now. Remember, your brain needs a little stimulation everyday and countin' how many times Maury proclaims, "You are not the father" ain't gonna cut it! You're welcome.  

We are still looking out for more details on Tim Duncan, The Seal Team that killed Bin Laden, The Florida football player that barked at a police dog, and if Bret Bielema and Mrs. Bret Bielema are making visits to fertility clinics so we can welcome a new Baby Bielema before this seasons bowl game! That kid would be the Prince of Pork! Razorback Royalty! Arkansas Baby!

Tommy, David, RJ, and myself thank ya for listening and making The Buzz and The Show With No Name your #1 station

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