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Monday: Quinn Grovey and Razorback Graffiti

9/23/2013 10:07 AM

Boy oh Boy! What always sucks is the Monday morning after a Razorback loss. Especailly when you blow a 17 point lead!! As they say in the theater business, "The Show must go on."

So with that being said, We started off the day by talking with former Razorback quarterback Quinn Grovey. He and Harry King join us every Monday morning to breakdown every Razorback game.We want to thank our sponsor "Mayflower RV and Auto" for allowing Quinn to come on each week.

The one thing that does brighten everyone's day after a tough loss is a good therapy session of "Razorback Graffiti." Today's episode was so good, that you can listen to it here!

Tomorrow on the show

Razorback Talk w/Bruce James-6:30 to 8:30

Vaqueros Mexican Restuarnt- 8:30

Thanks for listening!

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