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A new Roger Scott song & Lou Holtz guy

9/25/2013 10:42 AM

Well today was interesting....We started the day by talking to Steve "Wildman" Wilson about the annual Ducks and Bucks event.

From there we talked to our new promotions director Jeremy Flynn about the next week's promotions. If you want to see when and where The Buzz is going to be, check out

Roger Scott made a new parody song for the upcoming Texas A&M game. As alway it's a classic and you can hear it here.

Like every Wednesday, Lou Holtz guy came on the show and gave his prediction on the Hogs. Here's what he had to say

And finally, the question got brought up towards the end of the show. Is Arkansa's defensive line as good as Alabama's defensive line? Clearly Arkansas has gotten 13 sacks compared to Bama's 3, but isn't that expected when you play schools like Louisiana, Southern Miss, and Samford? Sound off with your thoughts, and predictions for the this week's game.

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