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Roger makes his TV weather debut

2/25/2014 10:58 AM

Well today was interesting to say the least. We started the show 1 man down as Roger was playing meteorologist over at KATV Channel 7. If you don't believe me here is proof.

Here are the video links of today's show

Roger doing the weather

Roger interview Part 1

Roger interview Part 2

Also, today on the show we talked about the best black singer. Of course all of this is done as we pay respect to Black History Month. So tell us, who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of black singers.

And a lot of people have been asking about the 2:00 minute bit we played referring to "How things were in the past." Take a listen, it's pretty funny.

Tomorrow on the show..

6:30- Steve "Wildman" Wilson

7:00- Promotions Director Jeremy Flynn

7:30- Arkansas State Football coach Bryan Anderson

8:00- Mystery Guest

Thanks for listening.



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