The Show With No Name

Girl, Girls, and No Outlaw???

3/27/2014 12:28 PM

Yes today Tommy Smith needed to take the day off to recharge his batteries, and when David has control of the show you can expect lots of girls.

We started the day off by having THV 11 Weather girl Sarah Fortner on the show. Man a pleasure it was to be graced with her presence. In fact, if you want to vote on here to move on in the babe bracket you can do that tomorrow as she takes on Janelle Lilly from KATV.

Speaking of the Babe Bracket (Sponsored by Mexico Chiquito), here are the latest to advance

35 Over: Jennifer Aniston beat Marisa Tomei

35 Under: Jessica Biel beat Beyonce

Local: Alyse Eady beat Melinda Mayo

In the 9:00, we had the girls from Twin Peaks come on the show. Make you go and hang out with RJ and the gang at Twin Peaks in West Little Rock from 5:00 to 7:00 today. The NCAA is back on TV, so you'll want to come early and get a seat.

Tomorrow, we are live at Fletcher for Frank's end of the month deals! Make sure you tune and find out what the BIG deal of the day is.

Thanks for listening.


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