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CPR it really does save lives

4/23/2014 10:20 AM

Today on the SWNN, Tommy was out again do to a minor illness and so when the Outlaw is away, the boys play. And that we did! Today on the show, we had the new THV11 sports anchor Mary Dunleavy up to talk about her experience in Arkansas up to this point. Give her a follow on twitter @Mary_Dunleavy

The other day, I (RJ) took a CPR/First Aid class. Well in the American Heart Association video it said that one must rip the shirt open of the person that needs CPR. Of course this just sent Baz's mind into a whirlwind. From that point on, all he could think about women that needed CPR.

Tomorrow on the show we will have Tess Boyer on the show. She is currently in the top 12 on The Voice.


Thanks for listening.

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